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Ari Abramowitz Debates Alan Dershowitz: Should Israel be Divided?

Israeli Activist and Media Personality Ari Abramowitz Debates World Reknowned Harvard Jurist Alan Dershowitz as to whether Judea and Samaria, otherwise known as the “settlements”, are good for Israel. With Dershowitz arguing that Israel should surrender parts of her ancestral homeland and Ari arguing that such an idea is unjust, suicidal, and out of the question… this is a debate not to be forgotten.

Ari Abramowitz on FOX News – Is Israel Ready for War?

Is Israel Ready for War? That is the question the world is asking as the Jewish State is preparing to possibly preemptively strike Iran ahead of their acquisition of Nuclear Weapons to implement their vision of a Middle East with Israel wiped off the map.

We Chose Israel. Did you?

Unprecedented in history, Jews from countries around the world are returning to their ancient homeland, Israel. Unlike the early stages of Zionism, the return to Israel today is an “Aliyah by Choice”. Jews from America, Canada, England, Australia and other Western countries are leaving the ‘good life’ for a Jewish life! That message, until now, has no voice in Israel’s Knesset. It is time for the Aliyah movement to have representation and a voice in Israel’s government!

Jerusalem Our Capital – NOW or NEVER!

The entire world knows that Jerusalem is the Eternal Capital of the Jewish People and the State of Israel. Until now, not a single country officially recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and all on the international Embassies in Israel are currently stationed in Tel-Aviv. Enough is Enough! It’s time for Israel to demand what is rightfully ours and now you can make a difference. Help us take this message to the world! Join the Bayit Yehudi Party and vote Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz into Israel’s Knesset.

Sign up now by clicking here –

Is the Knesset Compromised?

Ari & Jeremy launch their bid for Knesset with an unambiguous and bold vision for Israel and the Jewish People.  But these are murky waters – is their a clear moral compass to guide them?

Knesset Launch Event Pt. 1

As Ari & Jeremy launch their campaign for Knesset, they lay down the principles and values that guide them.

We’re Running For Knesset IsraelNationalTv Interview (Hebrew and English)

Hear directly from Ari & Jeremy about why they are running for Knesset

The Knesset Run – Hear the People of Jerusalem Speak

The People of Jerusalem Weigh in on Ari & Jeremy running for Knesset.  Hear what they have to say!

Jeremy Gimpel & Ari Abramowitz Run For Knesset! Join the Bayit Yehudi NOW!

After fighting on behalf of Israel for over a decade, they are running for Knesset. Join the Bayit Yehudi TODAY and help take their message to the world! SIGN UP BY CLICKING-

Shlach – What’s Deeper than Forgiving – Rabbi Shlomo Katz

When G-d forbid hurting someone’s feelings, we all desire to be forgiven, and we usually want it to take place immediately. However when we hurt someone in their hearts – although we might be forgiven by them – regaining access to that person’s heart takes a while.

In this week’s Parsha video based on a teaching of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach ztz’l, we learn the pain which came about the sin of the spies, the pain of so to speak being distanced from G-d’s heart.

When it comes to not being faithful to the Land of Israel, it’s so much deeper than just being forgiven.

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