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Jeremy on IsraelNationalRadio: Which Candidate for the Head of Bayit Yehudi and Why!
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With all the drama and controversy surrounding the Bayit Yehudi race, many want to know who they should vote for to be the potential leader of the Religious Zionist Movement. These are critical times in Jewish History and the voice of religious Zionism needs to be heard. Who will be that voice?

The Root Source of Iran’s Hatred for Israel
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As the world stands at the precipice of nuclear conflict, economic collapse, and overall insecurity and unpredictability, the main question we should be asking ourselves is “Why is all this happening?”  Join as Ari and Jeremy tackle that challenge full-on.


Jeremy on 100.1 WVOC
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Jeremy hitting the airwaves in a particularly compelling interview illuminating the impending threat Iran poses to Israel and the free world.

What lays in store?
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katyusha rocket

Join Ari and Jeremy as they refine the challenge facing our generation
to its very essence.

Purim Playing Out Before Our Eyes
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From Obama’s AIPAC speech, to Admedinejaad’s declarations of intent, to Ari’s alma mater basketball taking on the establishment at the state finals, listen to this show for a brief glimpse of what is really happening behind the mask.

What does the High Priest have to do with the Oscars?
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In this weeks program Ari & Jeremy connect the unconnectable!  How can we understand our lives from delving into the secrets of the garments of the high priest?  How can drinking lemonade help us understand the purpose of life?  Listen to this program for those answers, and more…

Hearing is Believing
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Ari and Jeremy meet and a descendant of Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses, who currently holds a seat in Israel’s parliament for their next project.  Get ready to see the Israel of today through the prism of the Bible!  Tune in to hear the myriad of lessons that we can learn today, from our forefathers travails millennia ago.


The Power of Loyalty
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Why is loyalty such a critical attribute?  When is loyalty praiseworthy and when is it foolish?  Join Ari & Jeremy this week as they discuss how and where to place our loyalties during these confusing times.

Exodus Paralleled
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Ari and Jeremy hack away at the root of evil with reckless abandon.
Does the Nation of Israel, or the world, deserve redemption?  How will
it unfold?  Or is it already unfolding? these questions and more on
this weeks “Light unto the Nations”.

The Slavery You know versus the Freedom You Don’t
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Eagle freedom

Jeremy and Ari face off about whether there is there a silver lining to Anti-Semitism, the spiritual mechanism of prayer, and other fascinating existential mysteries plaguing humanity since time immemorial.


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