Chaim Silberstein is the Founder of Keep Jerusalem, a private initiative devoted to solving the immensely complex issues facing Jewish Jerusalem. Demographics, illegal Arab neighborhoods, lack of housing, infrastructure and places of employment are just some the daunting topics he and a group of experts have tackled with an in-depth, all encompassing master plan. He speaks with Eve of their ongoing efforts to educate politicians, decision makers and journalists, both local and foreign, to the imperative of dealing creatively with the realities and dynamics of the Holy City. Meanwhile his own family is reeling from both tragedy and miracles. Chaim’s daughter Shira and her husband Amichai are on a long, uncertain journey to recovery after the terror attack that cost the life of his first grandson, Amiad Yisrael hy”d. Their strength and gratitude despite personal loss and unimaginable pain is a testament to true faith, literally tested under fire. We all prayed and cried with them. Be inspired, and let the healing begin.

Written by Eve Harow