After a few minutes sharing her experiences of the last 2 weeks, Eve plays her interview with Dr. Jodi Magness, taped a few days ago at the Limmud UK Festival in Birmingham.  The archaeologist relates her amazing finds at the 1600 year old synagogue of Huqoq, west of the Kinneret in the Galilee.  Elephants, Samson and a Midrashic take of Jonah’s feet in 3 fish share floor space with satyrs, a zodiac wheel and people bopping each other over the head near the Tower of Babel.  Known for her fine work ethic, teaching style and professional publishing record, Jodi’s excitement at the very unique mosaics from the Talmudic era is palpable. What will be uncovered next and what are the different interpretations of the already discovered mosaics?  Check out the stunning, enigmatic scenes at  Israel continues to surprise.

Written by Eve Harow