On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, we mourn the loss of 11 Jews who were murdered in a Pittsburgh Synagogue on Shabbat morning. Josh describes how many on social media used this horrific hate crime as a cynical means to bash Israel, the Trump Administration, or anyone else under the sun, instead of focusing on the white-supremacist neo-Nazi who carried out the shooting. In reality, he says that anti-Semitism is a 3,000+ year-old phenomenon.  At the same time, Israelis living on the Gaza border were also the target of terror/hate having to run for the shelters again this past Friday night as Hamas/Islamic Jihad terrorists fired over 30 rockets into Israeli communities. Josh says that Israel should be not enabling the terrorists in Gaza and halt the supply of aid, especially fuel which ends up being used to launch rockets and missiles against the Jewish State.

Written by Josh Hasten