Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up for the Bayit Yehudi Party?
If you are a Religious Zionist who believes in the Jewish State of Israel, this is your party. The Bayit Yehudi represents our children’s schools, yeshivas, army programs and communities.  The Bayit Yehudi is shaping up to be a leading force in the Zionist movement, and joining the party gives you a powerful voice in determining the leadership that you want to see in the Knesset.  This is your chance take an active role in shaping the future of our country.

By signing onto the Bayit Yehudi am I committed to voting for them in the elections?
No, you are not committed to any party or any candidate. Joining the Bayit Yehudi gives you the right to elect the leadership of the party in the primaries this October, but does not in any way limit or bind you in the general elections. By signing up for the party you are given opportunities and rights that people who decide to remain on the sidelines do not have.

Why are the primaries important to me?
In Israel everything, other than the number of seats each party has, is decided in the primaries. The leadership, candidates, goals and direction of the party are set in the primary elections. In the general elections you can only vote for a party, not for individuals. The Chairman, the MKs of the party, as well as the platform you want – are all determined in the primary elections.

What if I’ve been disappointed by the Bayit Yehudi party in the past?
If you feel that way, it is critical you join the party. This is your opportunity to get involved, change the party and choose the leadership that you feel represents you. This is the first time that the Bayit Yehudi is holding primaries and now, more than ever, we need to get involved.

Does my vote even make a difference?
YES! Your vote actually does makes a difference. Almost 95% of Israelis are not affiliated with any party in Israel, and unlike the larger parties (Likud, Kadima etc.) that have over 100,000 voters, each vote in the Bayit Yehudi truly matters. Even a thousand votes have the power to impact the outcome of who makes the list for Knesset.

Should I sign up for the Bayit Yehudi?
YES! There is nothing to lose, and so much to gain. With your signature and a nominal one time fee of 40 NIS, you will have the chance to participate in shaping the future of Israel’s leadership. We made Aliyah because we love Israel and wanted to make a difference. Now it’s time to KEEP MAKING ALIYAH and take an active role in determining Israel’s future.

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