How does today’s Fast of 10th Of Tevet connect to leadership in the past, present and future?  Eve reflects on the message of today’s Hebrew date.

And then, play ball!    Eve interviews a variety of people beginning with Peter Kurz, who heads the Israel Baseball Association. Listen to Major League Baseball players  Jon Moscot, pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, Corey Baker, St. Louis Cardinals, and Josh Zeid, Houston Astros, who are here visiting as Jewish or Jewishly connected professional major and minor league players,  representing Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic in March in Korea.

Israeli little leaguers also had a chance to get great tips and autographs from these delightful and unpretentious young men.

And Eve also had an unexpected and poignant talk with Mark Schwartz, whose Bostonian baseball loving grandson Ezra Schwartz was murdered a year ago by Arab terrorists in Judea. His nuclear and greater family have plans to memorialize him with a new field of dreams.

Written by Eve Harow