The Israeli Lion King roars.  Jerusalem City Council member and Israel Land Fund’s director Arieh (‘Lion’ in Hebrew) King is a man with a mission:  To find the descendants of Jews who bought land in Jerusalem and its environs in the 19th and 20th century and reunite them with their inheritance.  The Arab squatters on the land?  Well, theft is theft and they’ll have to go. One rule for all.   He explains to Eve the reasons for so much confusion- including the Holocaust and World Wars; Ottoman, British, Jordanian and Israeli conflicting legal property definitions (just to name a few)- but there’s an absolute urgency to following every lead in this paper trail.  Any of you listening may really own property in the Holy City.   Contact him at their Facebook page or to discover if your ancestors left you a gift of tremendous value in all measures.  Happy Pesach to all- this year and next year in a rebuilt Jerusalem!

Written by Eve Harow