Ari and Jeremy have made the greatest video for this special day Yom HaAtzmaut – Israel Independence Day!!!

Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel presents the historic untold story of Israel’s monumental declaration of Independence. See prophecy and destiny unfold in this dramatic inspiring short film as we celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary.  This video was produced by the Mizrachi World Movement.


WATCH the historic inauguration of The Land of Israel Network International Headquarters in Eastern Gush Etzion







A Group of 10 German Christians came to Israel on a special mission, to build The Land of Israel Headquarters in the Heart of Judea. Almost completing the left wing of the Center, German non-Jews and Jews worked side by side, learned together, ate together in a historic gathering between two peoples who were not long ago, fierce enemies. Join Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel to discover why this is happening now and how can you take part in it?

Buckle up for this video! Mere weeks after hundreds of people around the world joined together to establish the headquarters of The Land of Israel Network in the majestic hills of Judea, the prophetic dream is manifesting before our eyes showered with blessing, alacrity, and success. If you haven’t already, join our historic mission by clicking HERE!…
Ari and Jeremy call on people around the world to join them in planting trees in the new headquarters as they receive a gift of 500 new olive trees. If you can’t come, plz help us by clicking on the link above.

Last Thursday most of the Land of Israel Network staff met at the organization’s future headquarters in the community of Ibei HaNahal, Gush Etzion. Josh used the opportunity high atop the Judean mountains with views of Biblical proportions to interview the network’s hosts on their hopes for the future of the network, but also their hopes for the future of the Land of Israel and the Jewish People. Tune in to listen to this rare personal look at some of these young leaders at the forefront of transmitting the true story of Israel to the world.

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