Tehila and Jeremy Gimpel sold their home and most of their possessions to build a farm and educational center in the mountains of Judea as the newest and deepest settlement in Israel. They had a dream of creating a place where people from every back ground and nation could come and learn Torah, connect to the Land and experience the prophetic spirit in the mountains of Judea.

Never did they imagine their first guests would be German non-Jews, some who were children and grandchildren of Nazis. Tune into this remarkable story that could only happen in the Land of Israel.

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Rabbi Jeremy & Tehila Gimpel continue on their journey to the Arugot Farm, the newest and deepest settlement in Judea. Tune in to hearing how their quest to find a deeper meaning of prayer guided them ultimately to the place King David composed the Psalms, the Biblical prayers of the People of Israel.

One year ago we sold our home and almost all of our possessions to build the newest and deepest settlement in Judea, the Arugot Farm. I’m a rabbi, Tehila is a divorce lawyer and family mediator. Neither of us have any farming experience. Raising six children alone on a mountain is an adventure of lifetime. Join us on our journey to the Judean frontier.

Celebrating 1 year at the Arugot Farm, join Jeremy & Tehila on their harrowing journey to the Judean Mountains to settle these strategically critical & historic mountains.

Tune into their story and hear how they faired raising six children alone on a farm under construction in the most contested real estate in the world bringing life back to the mountains of Judea.

With a year behind them, what’s next?