Patterns are hard things to break, and how they come about can teach us much about ourselves. Here is a look at the cycle of riots which rocked the Yishuv in the 1920’s, and set the mold for Arab/Jewish relations for decades to come.

Each successive wave of immigrants that came up to the land brought with them their blessings, and their challenges. As the population grew, so did the nature of power politics. In the 1920’s two leaders emerged whose opposing visions define many of the political conflicts in our State today. Here is an episode on David Ben Gurion and Zeev Jabotinsky.

The return of the Jewish people to the tools of political and military power were bound up with their return to the land of Israel. This episode explores the rise of the military model within the Zionist movement, and the power of the martyrdom of Joseph Trumpeldor as an inspiration for further struggle.

World War One brought massive destruction and great change to the world. When the smoke cleared from this great conflagration, the British Empire was left in control of the land of Israel. This seemed to be good news for the Jews, except that Her Majesty’s government had promised this piece of Ottoman territory to three different parties.

Here is a break from our story for a conversation with dear friend and fellow traveler Eitan Press, creator of Aleph Male brand. But as you will hear, it’s not really a break as the question of a healthy, holy masculinity is one of the questions of our time.

The world is starting to shake with the rumbles of the coming world war. The destruction which is to come will sweep away much of the old, and open new horizons for the budding Zionist project. But the pioneers must be willing to fight for the land which they long to redeem.

There are times in history which define us even now, and in Israel the Second Aliyah is second to none in that respect. This episode tells of the chalutzim, the idealistic pioneers who came up to the land to build the world, one goat at a time.

The end of the 19th century was a time of dramatic ideological struggle – cosmopolitanism vs. nationalism, socialism vs. capitalism. And early Zionist thought shows such incredible diversity that every element of society, Jewish and non, can be found there. Here is one more stream to explore – the religion of labor.

Come explore Jerusalem past, present and future with Rav Mike on Jerusalem Day 5778. In addition to exploring how Jerusalem brings these three together, hear some thoughts from the Director of International Affairs of the City of David and share in the sounds of Jerusalem rejoicing on this holy day.

Did you ever wonder how the Jews when from being the martyrs of Europe to the military power of the Middle East in less than fifty years?This episode exposes the roots of the extraordinary transformation of the physical culture of Am Yisrael in Max Nordau’s vision of a muscular Judaism.

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