Eve Harow speaks with well known Israeli film producer Nati Dinnar about his just released documentary on the development of the Iron Dome, whose world premier is exclusive to IZZY: Israel’s new streaming station. The series focuses on the politicians, the security experts and the engineering geniuses who were decisive in building an inexpensive missile to shoot down missiles. Interviews with those whose loved ones were killed by Hamas rockets, the race against time, the diplomatic backdrop, events in Gaza and the ongoing daily terror war in Sderot and environs all feature in this riveting 3 part show. Still controversial and perhaps a stopgap measure that has led to complacency, Dinnar exposes many facets of the story behind the project whose goal was deemed an impossibility. And in Israeli fashion, was attained. Stream Iron Dome on IZZY from September 3rd on.

Coffee and Faith. The perfect start to your day.

From Poland to Peru, New York to Venezuela and -after a current Covid-19 stopover in Miami -the next stop is Israel. ‘Ambassador in Waiting’ Rabbi Pynchas Brener joins Eve Harow to share his philosophy on Zionism, religion, science, dictatorships and the modern tragedy of Venezuela, his home as Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi for 44 years. Will Israel and the interim government of this potential Garden of Eden reestablish relations? His messages on Torah are relevant to us all, and his enthusiasm and energy are available to all.

Moshe Zeldman realized a few years ago that visitors to Israel rarely had an opportunity to actually meet Israelis while touring the country. His initiative, Meet the Israelis, gathers participants together with young, English speaking Israelis from different religious and political sectors of society, allowing a safe space for questions, curiosity and dialogue with the ‘other’. He speaks with Eve Harow on the surprising success of the program and how, while Covid-19 travel restrictions have changed the physical framework, it’s created expanded opportunity to bring Israelis virtually to you. If you think this is an idea that would, er, fly in your community, then check it out and get ready to be thought-provoked.

Eve Harow has been out and about in a tourist-less Israel. She’s sending people and places out to the world virtually and acclimating to a slower pace in this incredible place.

The ‘girls’ prayer’ in Gush Katif recorded one of the most poignant events of 2005’s summer of heartbreak. Eve Harow speaks with Chagit-Moriah Gibor who was in the synagogue at the time. Did she have a crisis of faith- if so, in man or God? Chagit shares her feelings and the road she has traveled since that shattering of reliance on leadership in so many spheres. Feminism, political activism and mainly building religious society in a more understanding way are where she’s focusing her energies out of the home. Can expanded women’s roles shape a more compassionate Judaism?

It’s exactly 15 years since the travesty of the Expulsion from Gush Katif and Northern Shomron.
Eve Harow speaks with Anita Tucker of Netzer Hazani about the longing for home in Gaza despite the rebuilding of their community physically. She misses the true coexistence with her Arab friends there who are now suffering under Hamas; the generosity to the poor that the farmers were able to manifest via their produce; the spirit of the place that, like it’s magnificent sand, got into every nook and cranny. The unconscionable betrayal by the government and others is a wound that hasn’t healed but they are deeply devoted to repairing Israel so that it will never happen again. The Second Temple, whose destruction we mourn this week, was doomed due to baseless hatred of Jew for Jew. Though she has suffered directly from that, she retains her faith and love of Am and Aretz and inspires others to do the same.

(PS from Eve: I really try to refrain from speaking ill of others especially during the 9 Days. It’s a sign of the depth of my distress at the events of 2005 that I spoke the way I did about other Israelis, as opposed to Anita who focused on the good. It’s not an excuse, it’s a reason and I strive to learn from her and pray that lessons have been learned and forgiveness will one day be requested and granted.)

Arnold and Frimet Roth are at a critical juncture in their 19 year battle for justice. The terrorist who planned the murders of their daughter Malki and 14 others while wounding 130 at Jerusalem’s Sbarro’s pizza shop in August 2001, might now be extradited to the US from Jordan where she’s hailed as a hero. Arnold joins Eve to speak of hope via realpolitik, the disappointments and betrayals, pay for slay, the ongoing grief and the journey detailed here – thisongoingwar.blogspot.com

How has the line between good and evil become so blurred? Can we help to redraw it?

Shmuel Rosner is a well known Tel Aviv–based columnist, editor, author and researcher. He and Eve Harow discuss a wide range of topics including aliya, annexation, the instability of the Mid East, COVID-19, Brazilian cruise ships and freedom of the press. His (co-authored with researcher Camil Fuchs) book ‘#IsraeliJudaism: Portrait of a Cultural Revolution’ is a fascinating study of the development of a Judaism unique to 21st century Israel. Vibrant, sustainable only in situ, how does he see Diaspora Judaism in relation to this old/new national civilization that has been created in our ancient land?

It’s been 2 weeks since Blue and White MK Michal Cotler-Wunsch brought her formidable skills, energy and experience to the Knesset and her passion for the challenges ahead is palpable. The Canadian/Israeli lawyer shares with Eve Harow her visions for: Aliya; a plan for Israel’s battles in the international legal arena; a burning desire to bring our hostages out of Gaza and correct the human rights wrongs that have gone on for years; how to balance government involvement with personal responsibility to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic – and much more. She’s a breath of fresh arctic air and a politician to watch in the coming months and years.

Eve Harow shares her thoughts on everything but what’s on everyone’s minds (and mouths) with July 1st looming. Touristless Jerusalem, foamy coffee, Cicero’s prescience, higher education, historical negation, wild blueberry muffins and the uncomfortable convergence of sunglasses, earrings, mask and scarf on cartilage challenged ears.

Photo Credit: Flickr / Veganbaking.net

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