Eve Harow was honored to interview the late, great philosopher, theologian and former Chief Rabbi of the Commonwealth in June, 2015. Shocked and saddened over his passing on Shabbat, she replays the conversation on today’s show. A treasure trove of wisdom, both Jewish and secular, as well as an inspired and creative thinker and author, he strove to bring people together and heal a divided humanity while remaining devoted to his faith and God. May his influence continue although he’s no longer with us. יהי זכרו ברוך

Photo Credit: RabbiSacks.org

Yariv Mozer is an Israeli producer, screenwriter, and director whose previous documentaries have received international recognition and awards. He and Eve Harow discuss his very topical work, ‘By the Grace of Heaven’, focused on the IDF involvement with the civilians of the ultra-Orthodox city of Bnai Brak during the COVID-19 lockdown of Passover 2020. Screening now on IZZY, this is a refreshingly honest peek into a very different sector of Israeli society by a secular Tel Avivi, who candidly shares lessons learned, bridges built and stereotypes shattered.

With wishes from Israel for US election day to pass peacefully and honestly and let the better man win.

Listen to a riveting conversation between One Israel Fund founder Dr. Yechiel Leiter and Eve Harow. They touch on many topics including the Abraham Accords; sovereignty in Judea and Samaria; the American elections; the still existing threats in the Middle East; countries literally and figuratively in the pipeline to normalize relations with Israel and much more. Dr. Leiter’s expertise in so many spheres in the political, economic, academic and diplomatic arenas make it a fascinating discussion giving historical perspective and, with all the chaos, a positive outlook on the future.

Ken Abramowitz is a self described ‘threat analyst’. His new book The Multifront War lays out the different areas that, as he explains to Eve Harow, comprise the various anti-democracy movements which threaten the West. Communist regimes, totalitarian leaders, absolute monarchs, Islamists and others from without. Marxist backed groups, a leftist media, a culture war, useful idiots and more from within. What has happened to the Democratic Party? Listen in to his take on the situation. Can Western values survive?

Sarah HaEtzni Cohen is making her mark as an Israeli activist and journalist while raising 4 young children. In an interview taped a few weeks ago during the hot summer of 2020 she spoke with Eve Harow about her unique childhood in Kiryat Arba, her Member of Knesset grandfather Elyakim HaEtzni, current events and the path she is forging while keeping her priorities in order.
You heard her here first.

Major General (res) Gershon HaCohen commanded the IDF mission to expel the Jews from Gush Katif in 2005. How does he see that thru a lens of a life attempting to do God’s will? He and Eve Harow discuss past and current crises and if chaos is actually the normal situation. What can we do as individuals and societies to bring some kind of balance to our daily lives and use the havoc as an opportunity for needed change? No real answers but many other examples of times when thinking creatively and even rebelliously saved the day from a man with vast experience on and off the battlefield.

Eve Harow shares some thoughts on a very different Yom Kippur, the passing of Rabbanit Miriam Levinger and an upcoming Sukkot without family and friends under the fronds.

Tamar Hayardeni is a 9th generation Jerusalemite and (as Eve Harow can personally attest to) a phenomenal tour guide specializing in the Holy City. She’s also an excellent author and has penned many articles for Segula Magazine, a top notch publication in English on Israel and Jewish history. Just returned from 2 years in Greensboro North Carolina, Tamar researches a wealth of information for both her guiding and writing and teaches about the many changes in Jerusalem both before and after her ancestors came from Poland in 1777. An editor of the Hebrew Wikipedia site, she also deals with narrative posing as truth on the internet and the need to separate fact from fiction. Busy mother of five, her passion is educating Jews on our history and connection to the Land, especially the capital and her 3000 years of centrality to our lives.

Rabbi Mois Navon joins Eve Harow to discuss some of the philosophical and ethical issues arising from the rapidly developing world of Artificial Intelligence. As an ordained Orthodox rabbi and top computer engineer, Navon works and lives at the intersection of Science and Torah. His explanations of the issues, dilemmas and halachic ramifications of, for example, autonomous vehicles, are riveting and thought provoking. All to be expected from the genius who developed the chip that keeps us from changing lanes when we shouldn’t. We need our brightest minds to illuminate the slippery road ahead and Mois Navon shines some light on the future that’s not around the corner any longer. Expect to be challenged.

Dr. Yiftach Shalev of the Israel Antiquities Authority speaks with Eve Harow on the incredibly exciting archaeological dig on the western slopes of the City of David in which she participated last week. How do their findings impact the world of archaeomagnetic dating? How does this add to our understanding of Jerusalem post the 586 BCE destruction by the Babylonians? This summer has been one of very important discoveries in and about the capital.

Experience does not minimize enthusiasm- quite the opposite. The Stones are speaking. Let’s listen.

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