Israel and the US last week signed a historic 10 year Memorandum of Understanding in which Israel will receive $38 billion for defense. Did the Obama administration agree to the terms of the deal at this time in order to pressure Israel to make concessions for ‘peace,’ in an attempt to secure the president’s Middle East legacy? What does Congress think of the deal’s terms?  And ultimately what will the deal mean in Israel’s overall security picture? Dan Diker Fellow and Project Director of the Program to Counter Political Warfare at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs joins Josh Hasten to answer these questions and more about the agreement

One Israel Fund Director of Community Development Natalie Sopinsky explains to Josh Hasten how her organization is essentially the “Jewish Federation” for Judea and Samaria, raising funds for educational, recreational, spiritual and other projects for its residents. At the same time Sopinsky is a resident of the Southern Hebron Hills Jewish community of Sussiya which has made international headlines lately since Arab squatters have set up an illegal encampment nearby. With EU funding, and anti-Israel NGO’s supporting the squatters, will the Israeli government uphold the law by removing the illegal structures? Sopinsky weighs in.

While European football (soccer) might be the most popular game in Israel, this week football players from the Jewish State have been proudly representing their country competing in international pigskin competitions in Italy and in Miami. Hear from Israel Football League Commissioner Betzalel Friedman who joins Josh Hasten from Italy following this weekend’s tackle tournament. While the team might not have won, they showed the rest of the world that American Football in Israel will be a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.

On today’s show Josh Hasten speaks to Elie Pieprz Director of Foreign Affairs at the Yesha Council about the council’s preparations to commemorate 50 years of the reunification of Jerusalem, and the reclaiming for the Jewish People of Judea, Samaria, and the Golan Heights. While anti-Israel NGO’s will use 2017 as a platform to falsely accuse Israel of perpetuating an “occupation,” Pieprz explains how the council is encouraging and providing the means for pro-Israel supporters around the world to show their solidarity with Israel’s heartland and its residents.

Last week Nefesh B’Nefesh brought home to Israel 233 new immigrants (Olim) from the US and Canada. The new Olim arrived at Ben Gurion Airport early Wednesday morning in an emotional ceremony in the company of friends and family, IDF soldiers, and others all greeting them in their new homes while dancing as a live band played. Host Josh Hasten attended the moving ceremony and on today’s show shares an interview with his niece who was one of the new Olim.

11 years after the expulsion from Gush Katif, the JobKatif organization continues to provide employment opportunities and training for those whose lives were shattered following the 2005 pull-out. Thanks to their efforts 85% of the Gush Katif evacuees now have jobs, with hopes that all will eventually become employed.  At the same time, the organization has expanded its reach offering programming for a wide range of other disadvantaged communities in Israel.  On today’s Israel Uncensored, Josh Hasten speaks with Judy Lowy, JobKatif’s Executive Director who details the organization’s invaluable initiatives.

In the midst of the ‘Nine Days’ leading up to Tisha Be’av the most tragic day on the Jewish calendar when both Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed, Josh interviews Temple Mount activist MK Rabbi Yehuda Glick.  Is the Temple Mount truly in ‘our hands’?  Hear what MK Glick has to say. Glick also stresses the importance of the Jewish masses visiting the site.  While as an MK, Glick is currently forbidden to ascend and visit the Temple Mount, he is spending this week speaking at various venues educating Israelis as to the importance of our holiest site in modern times.  Also on the show, while the Olympics are supposed to be a ‘politics free’ zone, that wasn’t the case when the Lebanese delegation refused to allow the Israeli athletes to share seats on the same bus. Talk about your apartheid! Josh discusses.

Signs indicate that Israel and the US are on the verge of signing a historic Memorandum of Understanding which would include a US military aid package of $38 billion. While support from the US is appreciated, Josh argues that Israel needs to start relying on others less, and on itself more when it comes to defense technologies and hardware. Under the terms of the deal, Israel would gradually have to spend that aid money in the US as opposed to supporting local defense companies. That scenario could put Israeli’s out of business. At the same time, the aid package could be held over Israel’s head as leverage in future “peace” negotiations, which Josh argues could harm Israelis, especially those living in Judea and Samaria. Also on the show a ‘Sunday of miracles’ when at least five potentially major terror attacks and plots were thwarted throughout the country.

Marc Zell Co-chairman Republicans Overseas Israel and Vice President Republicans Overseas International just came home to Israel after attending the Republican National Convention and committee meetings in Cleveland. He tells Josh that while originally highly skeptical of Donald Trump as the party leader leading up to November’s US election, he now believes Trump is the clear choice for President when it comes to Israel’s interests. Also on the show a clip of Josh’s interview with Republican VP Candidate Governor Mike Pence when he was in Israel in 2014, in which Pence clearly shares his love for Israel and his belief that Israel and the US are great allies.

Last Thursday most of the Land of Israel Network staff met at the organization’s future headquarters in the community of Ibei HaNahal, Gush Etzion. Josh used the opportunity high atop the Judean mountains with views of Biblical proportions to interview the network’s hosts on their hopes for the future of the network, but also their hopes for the future of the Land of Israel and the Jewish People. Tune in to listen to this rare personal look at some of these young leaders at the forefront of transmitting the true story of Israel to the world.

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