On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten an interview with former MK and head of the Zehut party Mr. Moshe Feiglin. Zehut is hosting its primaries on Tuesday, and in a unique move has opened the voting to all Israelis regardless of party affiliation, as Feiglin believes that Zehut represents all sectors of Israeli society. Feiglin describes some of his party’s many platforms including a desire for less government involvement in the lives of the citizens of Israel and a reduction in the prices of goods and services. Feiglin says that he doesn’t see a difference between the proposed paths towards peace between Prime Minister Netanyahu or any others on the ‘right’ or the ‘left.’ He also believes that Israel should establish full sovereignty over all of the the Land of Israel, and describes what his party’s version of a ‘one-state solution’ would look like.

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, an exclusive interview with Likud MK Sharren Haskel. Haskel who is currently on the campaign trail as Israel heads towards elections, details some of her accomplishments as an MK over the past four years. She says that she worked towards liberating markets in Israel including the media, as well as assisting different segments of Israeli society, with a focus on helping Israel’s farmers. This rising star admits that it would be an honor if Likud wins the elections and she was selected to serve as Israel’s next Minister of Agriculture. In terms of her policies towards Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, she hopes that Israel will apply sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea areas as a trial balloon towards applying sovereignty over other Jewish communities throughout the heartland.

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, Josh touches on the the various fronts from north to south, in which Israel was forced to act militarily in self defense over the course of this past week. Another rocket was fired by Gazan terrorists at Israel’s southern communities over the weekend accompanied by additional Hamas threats. The IDF responded by striking Hamas terror targets. At the same Israel has uncovered a sixth Hezbollah terror tunnel from Lebanon as part of its ‘Operation Northern Shield.’ Also, Prime Minister Netanyahu opened his cabinet meeting on Sunday admitting that Israel was behind a strike on an Iranian arms warehouses in Damascus, Syria a day earlier. Never a dull moment in the Jewish State or in the Middle East!

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, an interview with Ambassador Yoram Ettinger, Israel’s former Minister for Congressional Affairs in Washington and expert on US/Israel relations. Amb. Ettinger says that it’s a mistake to think that a US troop pullout from Syria will damage Israel’s security. In regard to US National Security Adviser John Bolton’s current trip to the region, Ettinger talks about how Bolton has relentlessly stood by the Jewish State for many years. He adds that instead of introducing the delayed US peace plan between Israel and the Arabs under the PA, the US should focus on the Iranian threat and other Middle East conflicts which are contributing towards instability in the region.

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, Josh discusses the latest political developments in Israel including the decision by Ministers Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked to leave the Jewish Home party and start the “New Right Wing” party. What will be left of the Jewish Home and how will this move impact the formation of a “right wing” government should Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud come out on top in the elections? Also on the show Josh discusses the fact that Israel’s record year of tourism, with four million visitors arriving in the Jewish State in 2018, is a major fail for the BDS movement.

On today Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten an interview with Seth Frantzman Jerusalem Post op-ed editor and Executive Director at the Middle East Center for Reporting and Analysis. Frantzman discusses the possible ramifications for Israel in light of President Trump’s decision to pull US troops out of Syria. Also on the show, Josh blasts NBA-star Lebron James for featuring anti-Semitic song lyrics on a recent Instagram post. Josh says that James once again proves that Michael Jordan will always be the true king of basketball.

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, an interview with Jerusalem Post Senior Contributing Editor, and renowned author Caroline Glick. Click discusses what Israel should be doing in light of the recent wave of murderous Jihadist attacks over the past week. Also, Glick reveals exclusively to the The Land of Israel Network that the decision by the Jewish Agency’s Masa Israel Journey programs to ban participants from visiting Judea, Samaria, and parts of Jerusalem isn’t really for security reasons as their leaders claim, but rather she says that Masa has become an extremely radical body which uses state funding to indoctrinate students on their programs with anti-Zionist ideals. Listen to this highly disturbing segment of the show to hear how this is happening.

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, Josh airs the audio from a lecture he attended last week delivered by Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum. Pipes has started a movement called the ‘Israel Victory Project.’ His plan is for Israel to declare victory by convincing the Arabs of Judea and Samaria that they have lost; and they must recognize the Jewish state of Israel in order for progress to take place.

On today’s Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten an interview with Efrat Mayor and Chief Foreign Envoy of the Yesha Council Oded Revivi on the decision by the Airbnb apartment renting platform to delist Jewish properties in Judea and Samaria. Revivi is adamant that by succumbing to BDS pressure and deleting the Jewish rentals, Airbnb is actually pushing peace further away, by essentially depriving those seeking to make bonds from being able to do so. He is confident though that their decision will backfire, as more and more Israelis and tourists will now decide to send a message to the company by consciously choosing Judea and Samaria as a vacation destination.

While Prime Minister Netanyahu is trying to salvage his government, indications at this point show that Israel could be headed towards early elections. Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has already resigned, and while Ministers Bennett and Shaked this morning decided to remain in the government, can Netanyahu somehow hang on with a razor thin 61-seat majority in the Knesset? Also, despite the political turmoil and the chaos caused by Hamas this past week firing nearly 500 rockets at Israeli towns, Israel is on pace for a record number of tourists visiting the Jewish State in 2018. Josh Hasten discusses these topics and everything else making news on this weeks’ “Israel Uncensored.”

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