If you’re in Israel come and join us on “The Farm” – The Land of Israel Network Headquaters. It’s going to be miraculous!

After the historic meeting between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, there are many unanswered questions. Is the 2 State solution dead? Can Israel build in Judea and Samaria?

For the first time in a long time, a spirit of friendship and respect can be sensed emanating from the White House. Are Netanyahu and Trump cooking up something that is going to shock the world? Ari & Jeremy clash in a fierce debate as to how all of this will unfold.
Finally, in a touching revelation Jeremy shares his journey as his first born son Lavi becomes a man. To support Lavi Gimpel’s inspiring Bar Mitzvah project CLICK HERE.

As Ari & Jeremy plow into uncharted territories in the hills of Judea, the world is in the throes of foundational shifts to the geo-political
dynamic.  Is Donald Trump’s visa ban an impulsively reckless decision or part of a brilliant political strategy?  How should we make sense
of these volatile times?  What can we do to bring forth light in times of such darkness and confusion?

In this video by Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel he gives insights into the prophets calling on the mountains of Israel to sing.  What does the phrase “mountains, sing unto the Lord” mean anyway? How do mountains sing?

Invited to speak in Washington DC days before the Trump inauguration, Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel delivers an epic speech in front of a religious audience of people from all across the United States about Israel, Trump, the 50th year of Jerusalem’s reunification and the future of America and Israel.

Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel has been invited to the Trump Inauguration and to speak at the largest religious conference in DC days before the Inauguration. Ari and Jeremy delve into the questions: what do Americans need to hear about Israel now more than ever and who will Trump be remembered as in history?

Rabbis Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel discuss how this conviction impact Israel internally and internationally? What are the spiritual underpinnings connecting the UN condemnation and the Azaria’s conviction?

From an IDF Commander in Tel Aviv to Prime Minister Netanyahu-Pardon Elor Azaria!  LIKE & SPREAD THE WORD TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE IDF!!!

What a day from The Land of Israel Headquarters in the Heart of Judea! From the ends of the earth people are joining us to build the dream! When are YOU coming?!

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