Rabbis Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel grapple with the most effective response to the infuriating injustice in the Netiv Avot neighborhood of Elezar, Gush Etzion where 15 houses are being demolished by the government.

Rabbis Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel delve into Parshat Shelach and discover deep answers to some of life’s biggest questions. Knowing about the sins of the spies, what should our relationship be with the Land of Israel?

Special Guest: Rabbi Yechezkel Freundlich

In an unprecedented revelation that captivated and shocked the world, PM Benjamin Netanyahu exposed Iran’s diabolical plan to build nuclear weapons and thrust the world into nuclear war.

How did Israel successfully penetrate the most protected and secretive bunker in Teheran and extract thousands of files from under the Iranian regime?  What does this mean for the US nuclear deal with Iran? Why is all this happening on the week we celebrate Lag Ba’Omer?

And the one question no one seems to be asking….Why does Iran want to destroy Israel?

Ari and Jeremy have made the greatest video for this special day Yom HaAtzmaut – Israel Independence Day!!!

Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel presents the historic untold story of Israel’s monumental declaration of Independence. See prophecy and destiny unfold in this dramatic inspiring short film as we celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary.  This video was produced by the Mizrachi World Movement.

Rabbi Ari Abramowitz shares this timely and heartfelt message at the Yom HaZikaron ceremony for the Mikey Levin Lone Soldier Center.

Finally reunited, Rabbi’s Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel connect the dots between the global inferno unfolding around Syria and the personal tragedies unfolding all around them.  With deadly gas being used to kill innocents the week Israel remembers the Holocaust, one can’t help feel that something big is about to happen and that something deep must be learned.

This week tune into a sneak preview of Ari & Jeremy’s new music album!

As we prepare for Passover, Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel explores Israel as “The Spirit-Tech” superpower of the world and explores why the experience of miracles in our lives always fade away?

What is the secret to living with Messiah eyes as we march toward Redemption and what’s the root and deeper meaning hiding beneath Israeli Chutzpah?

HalleluYah, my soul will praise Hashem. I will sing to my God with all I have.

Hashem will reign forever, God of Zion, for generation to generation, HalleluYah.

Take a trip inside the mind of Jeremy Gimpel. While Ari Abramowitz is on tour in the United States, Jeremy goes solo on this dramatic, inspiring and illuminating show.

Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel delivers a revolutionary and eye opening address to the Bnei Machshava Tova Chaburah, Ari & Jeremy’s learning group led by Rabbi Shlomo Katz, preparing for Purim. Tune in to discover the keys to unlock one of the most overlooked books in Tanach and reveal the inspiration and guidance in the words of prophets for our generation, the generation of Mashiach.

This controversial program contains powerful ideas shared by Tommy Waller of HaYovel who reveals his uphill emotional journey of growth as well as Rabbi Ari Abramowitz who shares the parallel journey from the Jewish side. Also included are Gidon Ariel of Root Source as well as Dr. Rivka Lambert Adler, author of “Ten from the Nations: Torah Awakening Among Non-Jews”.

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