Upon the release of their new music single, Ari Abramowitz & Jeremy Gimpel share the dire need to learn how to wake up – the Judean way. They discuss the extreme reactions to the horrific murder of a young girl in Israel and how Israel and the Jewish people should move forward in the face of the grave challenges we are facing.

Starting your day with music, rhythm and poetry composed by king David himself opens your heart to gratitude reorients us to our purpose and mission directs and our inner self towards the ultimate good.
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Back on the air, Ari & Jeremy share uplifting insights in how to contend with life when it feels you’re under attack from every side.

As Jeremy and Ari continue making history on the Southeastern tip of Judea, they discuss the challenges that are confronting not only the Jews of Judea, but Jews and non-Jews around the world. How can we harness the unique troubles facing this generation to generate light, growth, and joy? For answers listen to this powerful podcast.

How can we draw strength from the tests of Abraham? Are we given tests that we cannot pass? Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel dive into this week’s Torah portion to try and make sense of the confusion of our times.

Tune in to hear the epic story of two best friends, one newly wed, one with six children moving to the deepest settlement in Judea. Ari and Jeremy are back on the air just in time for Parashat Lech Lecha as they make their own Abrahamic journey to the Judean mountains.

In this weeks program, Jeremy Gimpel shares the continuation of his difficult journey to the mountain and Ari Abramowitz explains why he loves pulling roots.

In this weeks powerful program Rabbis Ari Aramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel share the painful yet priceless journey of putting it all on the line to answer the calling.

As Peace Now fires the first shot in their quest to uproot and destroy it all, Ari & Jeremy share the tumultuous but hopeful journey on which they find themselves.   Facing such overwhelming odds on every level, is there is a chance that the forces against them will succeed in their mission of establishing a Jewless Judea?

In this powerful and entertaining episode, Ari Abramowitz & Jeremy Gimpel explore the consequences of the US withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council, share the trials and tribulations of moving out to the mountain, and reveal the epic transformation occurring in the hearts and minds of the Jewish People.

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