In an all-too-often anti-Israel entertainment industry, David Draiman, lead singer of internationally acclaimed heavy metal rock band ‘Disturbed,’ explains why he ‘stands with his people,’ regardless of the consequences his stance may incur in popular entertainment circles.

An ancient prophetic secret passed down from generation to generation is now being revealed to the masses.
Powered by modern technology and based on scientific calculations, Torah codes are currently being unveiled. Could 9/11 have been disclosed in the Bible? Could it have been prevented? Can the coming of the Messiah be predicted? Hebrew University mathematician Professor Eliyahu Rips joins Rabbis Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel in-studio to discuss his latest biblical encryptions and their theological ramifications.

Jeremy Gimpel lays out the road-map for individuals to properly model their own spiritual growth after the patriarch Abraham.

Then, Craig and Jan O’Dell from South Carolina join Jeremy in-studio to discuss their remarkable journey of self-discovery, and their belief that they are spiritual descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Is that really possible?

Plus, Yishai Fleisher joins Jeremy in-studio to speak about common faux pas that Christians may unknowingly make when speaking to Jews, and what should be the proper Jewish response.

Conservative political commentator and star American talk-show host Ben Shapiro discusses with Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel a number of compelling issues relating to Israel and the US. Is it true, for example, that the US-Israel relationship has never been worse? And why are liberals anti-Israel?
Then, listen to Ari and Jeremy duke it out about how and whether the case for Israel should be made internationally. Is there a key anti-Israel accusation that needs addressing? Need one always feel obligated to defend Israel’s decisions and policies?

Dr. Ze’ev Maghen, author of the entertaining and philosophically challenging book,”John Lennon and the Jews,” joins Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel in-studio to discuss the spiritual, emotional and geographical reunification of the tribe of Israel.

Steven Pease, author of the new book ‘The Debate Over Jewish Achievement’ joins Jeremy Gimpel to discuss why Jews are disproportionately successful both historically & in contemporary society.

Jews are a famously accomplished group. They make up 0.2 percent of the world population, but 54 percent of the world chess champions, 27 percent of the Nobel physics laureates and 31 percent of the medicine laureates. Tune in to hear what has made this remarkable people so successful.

What are the secrets for cultivating the values and family culture that you want for your family? Jeremy and Tehila Gimpel present the step-by-step process that changed their family forever. Listen to their stories and struggles, and the creative solutions they have implemented. This is a show for every couple, parent or grandparent that wants to create the family of their dreams.

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