Why are some people able to overcome challenges and transcend difficult situations while others are not? Join Ari and Jeremy as they delve into Dr. Victor Frankl’s groundbreaking ideas of the human psyche, the eternal lessons of the story of Exodus and the true power of personal freedom.

It is a famous Jewish maxim that if you experience a Jewish Holiday and are not profoundly changed as a result, you have missed the entire point.

As Jeremy returns from his speaking tour across New Mexico and Texas he shares his encounters with hundreds of Spanish speaking descendants of Meronos, Jews who hid their Jewish identity during the Spanish Inquisition. Living as Catholics and Christians they want to return to their authentic origins and roots. What do they do now?

Can this mass-movement be seen as prophecy coded in the Holiday of Passover? Tune in to discover why the Jewish State is so fundamental for this process and what to expect in the future.

Is “turning the other cheek” really a Biblical value? A moral one?

As the world faces a precipitous rise in Muslim terror of all kinds, we must determine how to proceed not only to survive, but to do so with a righteous indignation and a clear conscience. Zak Meyers, of “The Legion” shares the story of how a small group of Jews have started a movement which is transforming sheep into lions.

On his Temple Mount visit, Ari encountered the ugly hypocrisy of Islamic oppression as he was swarmed by unrestrained Muslims shouting “Allah Akbar” as he was reprimanded for whispering to G-d under his breath. Ari & Jeremy then discuss Israel’s approach to fighting Jihad and the controversial story of how Israel is handling the IDF soldier who neutralized a terrorist in Hebron.

34 dead in Brussels following a deadly attack in Istanbul! In the wake of these horrific attacks in Europe and around with world, Ari and Jeremy discuss why American Jews could be in more danger than anyone else.

As Ari returns from his tour in the US and Jeremy from Europe, they share their powerful experiences and the messages they imparted. How did American Jews react to hearing this uncomfortable message from the Synagogue pulpit.

One of the greatest challenges Israel faces today is how to share the true story of what’s going on in this country. The media bias against Israel is overwhelming. Even media outlets that are fair to Israel are reporting from New York and only see a thin slice of the reality inside of Israel.

Our answer, on the Land of Israel Network, is our newest show, “Israel Uncensored” with Josh Hasten. It’s the truth. It’s bold, unapologetic and politically incorrect. No filter. It’s the untold story of Israel. This week on Israel Inspired we will meet Josh Hasten the host of our newest show on The Land of Israel.com.

One evening outside a Jewish town 2 IDF soldiers were ambushed and attached by Jihadist Muslim terrorists. Somehow the soldiers managed to escaped.

Covered in blood they ran towards a tent filled with people. Little did they know inside the tent was filled with non Jewish tourists and volunteers who had come to the land to serve Israel. These people never imagined they would encounter the war against the Jewish people so personally. It was these volunteers who saved the lives of 2 wounded IDF soldiers.

This is a story of how their lives were changed forever. And a story that is a sign of what the future holds for Israel and the nations of the world.

The future of America will be determined based on how it relates to Israel. These elections are a crossroads. What will America choose? Which of these candidates is a true friend of Israel?

Orthodox Jewish radio sensation Ben Shapiro joins Ari & Jeremy for a penetrating analysis on the candidates running for president. Who do Ari, Jeremy & Ben endorse for president of America?

After the Exodus from Egypt and witnessing the greatest divine revelation in the history of mankind, the newly born Nation of Israel went and built the Golden Calf. Today we struggle to understand how such a thing could of happened.

Right now much of the world is pressuring Israel to divide our land in a “2 State Solution” and establish a terror state in our midst. We must resist the urge to point fingers in blame and rather take a hard look in the mirror and ask if we, too, are guilty of building our own Golden Calf. Has the modern state of Israel has fallen victim to this same impulse.

Weeks ago Secretary of State John Kerry threatened Israel that more countries around the world would boycott Israel if Netanyahu would not concede to giving away Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians. Now the United States began labeling products made in those same areas, a step toward an American boycott of Israeli products.

Why is this happening now? How is Israel responding? And why is this bringing Israel closer to her destiny?

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