In this week’s edition of Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem, Ari and Jeremy present their exciting and colorful visit to Ben Gurion Airport where TNL joined a welcoming ceremony for a planeload of Olim (new immigrants) who decided to open a new page of their lives in Israel with the help of the Nefesh B’Nefesh organization.
Watch and see how some of the other participants, who came to Israel just for the year, are mercilessly urged by Ari and Jeremy to stay in Israel and change their trip to a final move.

In this 46th episode of TNL, we host historian Rabbi Berel Wein.
When host Jeremy Gimpel’s asked him for the main lesson that the Jews of the world should learn from Jewish history, Rabbi Wein replied: “They should be more Jewish. If history has taught us anything it is that those who thought they could escape the Jewish destiny by not being Jewish… it has turned to ashes. Literally ashes.”
Founder and director of “The Destiny Foundation”, Rabbi Wein has been revolutionizing the presentation and availability of Jewish history through the dramatic and entertaining documentary series “Faith and Fate.”
On this episode of TNL, he reveals many of the secrets and pearls of wisdom that have kept the Jewish Nation alive and thriving for the past 4,000 years.

In this eye opening 47th episode, Ari and Jeremy take to the streets of Jerusalem, meet veteran Olim (immigrants to Israel) as well as one potential immigrants, and hear tips, thoughts and suggestions regarding Aliyah (immigration to Israel) and absorption in the country. Get ready for laughter, inspiration, and an emergency dose of Zionism.

Ari & Jeremy introduce Rabbi Shlomo Katz, The Land of Israel Network’s newest host! Join the three of them as they delve into the Torah portion and share their visions, struggles and paths to living inspired during challenging times.

In this powerful and entertaining program, Ari & Jeremy delve into how Israel and the free world should contend with terrorism and terrorists. Is there a place for compassion?

In this powerful program Ari and Jeremy connect the dots between Trump’s proclamation of support for the settlements, Temple activist Yehuda Glick joining the Knesset, and the mystical day of Lag B’Omer.

Why is the Bible written as a story? Is being “observant” a good thing or does it underscore the fundamental misconception of what it means to be a Jew?

As Jeremy shares the next major project for The Land of Israel Network and how it will shape Israel’s future. Ari explains why Israel has more hospital clowns per capita than any country in the world and why he is becoming one himself!

Could Israel Independence Day be the newest Biblical Holiday? The transition from solemnity and mourning on Memorial Day to the exuberant gratitude of Independence Day just moments later is like no other religious experience. Join Ari and Jeremy as they delve into the meaning of these days in this inspiring special for Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut.

In honor of On Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel turns the question upside down and offers a radical explanation that will make your day more meaningful.
Can we find God in the horrors of Auschwitz?

This show was inspired by Professor Shalom Rosenberg

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