A Group of 10 German Christians came to Israel on a special mission, to build The Land of Israel Headquarters in the Heart of Judea. Almost completing the left wing of the Center, German non-Jews and Jews worked side by side, learned together, ate together in a historic gathering between two peoples who were not long ago, fierce enemies. Join Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel to discover why this is happening now and how can you take part in it?

Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel shares his family Secret for dreaming, designing, envisioning and creating your best year.

As Prime Minister Netanyahu boldly exposes the world’s double standard against Israel, both President Obama and prominent figures within American Jewry condemn him for it.  In this program, Ari & Jeremy delve into the eternal wisdom of this week’s Torah portion to determine how we can awaken from our slumber and make sense out of the injustice and confusion of our times.

Buckle up for this video! Mere weeks after hundreds of people around the world joined together to establish the headquarters of The Land of Israel Network in the majestic hills of Judea, the prophetic dream is manifesting before our eyes showered with blessing, alacrity, and success. If you haven’t already, join our historic mission by clicking HERE!


In this rare interview, new convert to Judaism Ben-Tzion Mandela shares his journey from a Pagan village in Kenya to being a Jewish Krav-Maga fighter studying Torah in a premier Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Join Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel on a  spiritual quest of Teshuva from Ezekiel to Herzel and finally to Rav Kook, the first Cheif Rabbi of Israel. Why did a Christian Pastor give Donald Trump a Talit, prayer shawl, on national TV and what does that have to do with the month of Elul? Tune into to hear all of that as well as the insights and experiences of Ari Abramowitz as he toured the Ukraine on a spiritual pilgrimage with Rabbi Shlomo Katz.

As Jeremy returns from his cross country tour, he and Ari discuss the historically unparalleled phenomenon of Torah studying gentiles who love Israel and the Jewish people.  What is at the core of this movement?  What is the motivation?  Tune in as Ari and Jeremy address both the harmony and the tension that this revolution is bringing to the world.

Special Guests: Yishai Fleisher – Israel National Radio, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis and Ramatayim Men’s Choir

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, founder and president of Hineni, the internationally renowned Torah outreach organization made a special appearance on the hit television talk show, “Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem” on March 29th at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas. TNL is the first ever Jerusalem based, English

In this program Rabbi Ari Abramowitz bares his soul about the shift in his personal mission as well as the calling of the Nation of Israel today.

In times of such darkness, division, and confusion – how can we stayed anchored in truth and focused in our mission?

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