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Public Call for Debate between Jeremy Gimpel and Moshe Feiglin


Our dear friend Moshe Feiglin,

We read the private email conversation between your supporter Martin Ingall and Jeremy Gimpel that was published in your weekly email newsletter.

We agreed with your title: “Special: Likud or Jewish Home Party? A Friendly but Serious Debate.” We also felt that it was fitting to have a picture of two empty podiums underneath, facing each other “debate style”.

Then we had a thought.  This is an important question in the upcoming elections – not only for those signed up for the Likud, but for all voters who are struggling to understand the best way to get involved and help shape the future of our country. Instead of publishing personal email correspondences, why not put people behind those podiums and debate the issues?

It will be a friendly debate fueled by mutual respect and Ahavat Yisrael. We like and respect you, Moshe, and your movement, Manhigut Yehudit, but we do fundamentally disagree with the strategy you are taking to affect, influence and shape the future of the State of Israel. We are running for Knesset with a different strategy.

Our friend Moshe, please accept our call for a real public televised debate for the sake of Am Yisrael. We will have a neutral journalist moderate the debate. Let us come together and debate this very important issue. You name the time and the place, and we will be there!

May the best Jewish idea win.

Your friends,

Ari Abramowitz & Jeremy Gimpel

Bayit Yehudi candidates