This show is -sadly- in memory of one of the great lovers of Torah and the Land of Israel, who reluctantly went into politics in order to serve his people. Rav Benny Elon, former Knesset Minister and yeshiva head, passed away last month after a long battle with cancer. His righthand man for 21 years, Uri Bank, joins Eve to talk about the ideologue who worked tirelessly to bring people together. A humble man, devoted to Am Yisrael and unafraid to pay the price for his beliefs, he meshed realpolitik with Judaism in a way that few even attempt to do. A mentor to Eve as well, he brought Christian Zionists to the fore; proposed an alternate plan to the Oslo debacle; was an initiator a plan to establish sovereignty over Judea and Samaria and to dismantle UNRWA  (the UN agency  that perpetuates the Arab ‘refugee’ issue instead of solving it). Many ideas that are now mainstream were broached by him.

May his memory be for a blessing, and may our lives be devoted to ensuring his legacy.



Written by Eve Harow