The causes of war may be many and the road to its outbreak long, but every conflict has a tipping point. In this episode the noose seems to close around Israel. As Egypt’s re-militarizes the Sinai and the UN forces evaporate, we seem to have reached the point of no return.

Who can say when historical events like the Six Day War actually began, and what were their causes? It is a daunting task, but not one which we can shirk, nonetheless. Here is the first episode in our lead up to war – a look at a new personality, a battle and some broader context.

Here is an interview of me by Rabbi Yonatan from the RRG Beit Midrash at Hebrew University in which we reflect on Israel Independence day from the historical and spiritual perspectives. If you want some insight into the potential depth of this day, and how the strange circumstances of this pandemic year actually offer us a unique opportunity, then tune in. Chag atzmaut sameach!

The exodus from Egypt was only the first step on the road to Sinai. The bridge between Egypt and Sinai, between liberation and revelation, is embodied in the practice of counting the Omer. Here is a reflection on the biblical narrative, the calendar and our current situation – all with an eye to making every day count.

We tell stories to make sense of our lives, to give them meaning and direction, and the more challenging life is – the harder it is to craft a believable plot. The Sages taught us that “in every generation one is obligated to regard themselves as though they personally had gone out from Egypt,” and they gave us the Passover Haggadah as the guide to doing that. This is in an exploration of the Haggadah as a tool for leaving both Mitzrayim (Egypt) and personal metzarim (confining places) and learning how to transform our personal and national narratives into a redemptive story.

Sometimes you have to speak from the heart. Here are a few thoughts, or really feelings, about our current situation. There is a tremendous potential in every crisis, the question is – can we see beyond the horizon?

Historians may argue about whether one person can shift the course of history, but everyone agrees that a hero can change the world. Here is the story of Eli Cohen, hero of Israel.

The Jewish Story is narrative therapy for a nation, but how can it also serve each of us in our quest to be actors in our lives instead of objects? Listen in to this great Purim Torah, an exploration of what the conversation between Mordecai and Esther can teach us about owning our own story.

The present is always built on the ruins of the past, the only real question is – how do we integrate this reality into our identity? This episode looks at the beginnings of a shift in Israeli identity in the early 60s, together with the emergence of a new national consciousness among the Arabs in Israel and abroad.

Old politicians never die, they just fade away. The era of Ben Gurion ended in 1963 and it appeared that his replacement, Levi Eshkol, could not live up to his legacy. This episode introduces a new mode of leadership for the State of Israel, and is the first step on the road to telling the tale of the Six Day War.

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