The battlefield and the boardroom come together for the last episode in the series on the War of Attrition. Meet new Prime Minister Golda Meir as she balances war and politics in her new policy of ‘asymmetrical response.’ Unfortunately this may win her the battle just as it looses the war.

Every major conflict is fought on many fronts. This second installment on the War of Attrition explores the diplomatic front. We will encounter Yitzchak Rabin as the new Israeli ambassador and get our first look at American Jewish policy maker Henry Kissinger as our story leaves the battle ground for the boardroom.

Every fast day is an chance for cheshbon nefesh, for making an accounting of life and the world. The Tenth of Tevet offers an additional, unique opportunity – to think about immanent dangers. Here is an exploration of some of the challenges which our world faces and how this holy day can leave us better prepared to meet them.

Rav Mike’s annual shiur in honor of the yartzheit of his father, Charles M. Feuer, ob”m. Gratitude is one of the keys to happiness, especially in dark times. Join Rav Mike as he explores the connection between the Hanukkah candles and our ability to give thanks, and helps us let the light out.

Changing our conceptions is one of the hardest things in life to do, for countries as well as individuals. Israel’s stunning victory in 1967 brought many blessings, but it also posed certain challenges in how to understand the post-war reality. Here is the first episode on the War of Attrition, a conflict so poorly understood that many people don’t even know it happened.

It is not every day that you get to speak with a legend, much less interview one. Here are some precious words I had with the Alter Rebbe of Jewish History, Rabbi Berel Wein. We touch on the nature of history, the Jewish people, the experience of salvation and much more.

The return to Israel can have two meanings – a return to the Land and a return to essential self. The birth of the settlement movement striving for redemption was one of the most significant results of the Six Day War, and no community tells the story better than Hebron.

Photo Credit: Commons Wikimedia / Ooman

One can look at life as one long string of decisions, whether for individuals or nations. Israel had a number of decisions to make in the wake of the Six Day War and none was more pressing than where to place the borders. Here is an episode about some of the factors in that decision – the Allon Plan and the return to Kfar Etzion – which helped shape the future.

This week on The Jewish Story, Rav Mike Feuer hosted author and thought leader Yossi Klein Halevi. Their conversation touches on his personal experience of Meir Kahane and the early struggle for Soviet Jewry, the challenges of writing, the power of Jerusalem to evoke dreams and much more. Tune in for an inspiring episode treating the impact of 1967 on past, present and future.

Abundance is always a blessing, so long as one has the capacity to receive it. In the weeks and months after their victory in June of 1967, the Israeli government struggled to absorb the meaning and practical implications of everything which they had just acquired. This episode begins our exploration of the new political, economic and spiritual realities which began on the day after the war.

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