As the members of the party that founded Israel go off to vote in Tuesday’s leadership primary, Gil Hoffman asks if Labor has finished its historic role or is on the way to new life.

He speaks to former Labor secretary-general and former MK Hilik Bar from a polling station where people are lining up to vote. Bar says the eulogies for Labor are premature and better days are on the way.

Does Benny Gantz have what it takes to challenge Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Recent gaffes are starting indicate that he may not, Gil Hoffman reports. He also takes listeners behind the scenes in the races for leader of Labor and Meretz on the Left and speculates about whether there could be no female leaders of parties running in the September election.

Gil Hoffman interviews Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman from behind the scenes at the Jerusalem Post conference in New York about what happened at the exclusive event and how the Jerusalem Post is thriving on-line. He also speaks about new potential political vulnerabilities for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and delivers some punchy comebacks to the statement of new transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich saying that he works not for Netanyahu but God Himself.

Gil Hoffman speaks to former Knesset member Einat Wilf about whether her former party Labor can still be saved by a new messiah and whether her former party leader Ehud Barak will have a positive or negative impact on attempts to resuscitate the Israeli Left. Gil explains why the September 17 repeat election will be a lot more interesting than people currently expect and what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Golden State Warriors and New England Patriots have in common.

Gil Hoffman examines why Israel is going to a repeat election on September 17. Is it for professional reasons involving drafting yeshiva students, just plain hatred between politicians or some mix of the two? He takes you behind the scenes where the decision was announced to go to the election and looks ahead at what might happen in the race ahead. And why is David Ben-Gurion to blame for all this?

New elections? Gil Hoffman delivers a behind the scenes look at the critical decision being made about whether Israel will form a new government or return to the polls for another election. He compares what is going on in Israel to other countries and to events in Israeli political history. He also encourages listeners to attend his VIP lunch briefing at the Shavuot of a Lifetime weekend at the Mount Zion Hotel on Shabbat June 8.

Gil Hoffman speaks about his adventures on planes, trains and greyhound buses on his US speaking tour. He talks about the lessons learned from seeing how much Israelis and American Jews care about each other, even when they extremely disagree about where they both are heading.

Gil Hoffman talks about the schism between Israeli and American Jews and how it has been exacerbated recently by politics in both countries. Ahead of a coat-to-coast US speaking tour, Hoffman speaks candidly about how Israel is currently being misunderstood and what can be done to improve the relationship. Relating the issue to the messages of Passover, he says that questioning can be welcomed without fighting in a happy family. He reminds listeners that the primary commandment on a Jewish holiday is happiness, not stress, and that Passover can enable joy.

After 12 weeks of interviewing Knesset candidates, Gil Hoffman takes the floor for himself this week, looking back at the successes and failures in the election. Party by party, Gil analyzes the strategy of the 11 parties that made it in to the next Knesset and three parties that fell short of the electoral threshold. Find out which parties had a smart strategy that elevated them and which suffered from poor tactics that proved mistaken.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s competition in Tuesday’s election, former IDF chief-of-staff Benny Gantz, explains his positions to Gil Hoffman in an interview with The Jerusalem Post broadcast here with permission. In the interview, Gantz vows to win the election and form a government that will not include Netanyahu. Gantz concludes the 12-part Meet The Candidates series on Inside Israel Today in which new candidates from a dozen parties were interviewed.

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