Gil Hoffman interviews Stav Shaffir, who is second on the left-wing Democratic Union list and Yair Lapid, who is second on the centrist Blue and White list. They both tell him why it is important that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lose the September 17 election. They both warn that if Netanyahu will be re-eelected, Israeli democracy will be in danger. Gil asks Shaffir if she regrets leaving Labor now that her current party is only getting six seats in the polls, and he speculates with Lapid about what would happen if neither Netanyahu’s Likud, nor Lapid’s Blue and White can form a government.


Photo Credit: Hebrew Wikipedia / Stephan Röhl & Wikipedia Commons / מטה יש עתיד

Gil Hoffman explains why there have been not two but seven elections so far over the past year, and why there might end up being as many as 12 before a new government is finally formed. Gil then goes into the impact of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu waging a political battle against the media. He concludes with a message to Zehut Party voters following their leader Moshe Feiglin’s deal with Netanyahu in which Zehut quit the race.

Gil Hoffman speaks to veteran Israeli journalist Nachum Barnea about his 50 years in journalism and his historic interview last week with Joint List leader Ayman Odeh.
Odeh became the first leader of an Arab party to agree to join a governing coalition. Find out why and what are the chance of it happening.

Photo Credit: Hebrew Wikipedia / Anan Maalouf

Gil Hoffman speaks to Dennis Avi Lipkin, the head of the Bible Bloc party, to find out why he is running in the September 17 election after winning only 353 votes, which was good enough for 38th place out of 40 parties, in the April election. Lipkin explains that he formed his party to prepare for a Muslim perpetrated Holocaust on Jews and Christians in the United States and the influx of 10 million Jews and their non-Jewish spouses from America and around the world, who he expects to vote for h‫ .im in the future

Gil then tells listeners why the election has not even begun yet in earnest and why they should consume political coverage much more voraciously in the last two weeks of the race.

Photo Courtesy of: Dennis Avi Lipkin

Gil Hoffman interviews former MK Dov Lipman, the founder of Our Time is Now, an organization that aims to get immigrants to Israel from English speaking countries to be more politically active in parties that have primaries. Lipman says the initiative is getting a very impressive response. Volunteers across the country will respond to those who express interest at

Gil then speaks about the latest gaffes by Blue and White leader Benny Gantz, who last week forgot the name of murdered soldier Dvir Sorek on live TV and has retracted statements about seeking a government with Benjamin Netanyahu twice over the past two weeks.

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Behind the scenes in Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard’s new efforts to ease his parole conditions so he can take care of his cancer-stricken wife Esther. She fought for his life for so many years, and now he is fighting for hers.
Gil Hoffman also talks about whether politicians should all hide behind a rock between now and the September 17 election.

Gil Hoffman takes listeners through the story line of the hit movie The Lion King and explains why it has much in common with the story of the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. Earlier in the show, he takes listeners behind the scenes through the last-minute rebranding efforts of our new political parties in Israel and talks about their chances of success.

Who put a picture of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in a bikini on highway billboards and why? Which politicians are harming their own cause by exposing their naked ego? Gil Hoffman answers these questions and more with the help of Israel Victory Project Israel director Daniel Seaman.

Political analysts Gil Hoffman and Jeremy Saltan engage in extreme speculation about which parties will end up running together in the September 17 election. They examine what could be best for all the parties that are currently making final decisions on both the Left and Right. Hoffman and Saltan also discuss the impact those decisions will have on the government that will be formed after the election. Meanwhile, find out what Gil calls “the ultimate message of truth” that hovers in the background through much of the show.

Gil Hoffman explains the impact of new Israeli Democratic Party leader Ehud Barak on the September election. Barak is unpopular and not doing well in the polls but he is constantly attacking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and harming his image. Gil speaks to Knesset candidate Yair Fink, who left Labor to run with Barak. Fink says Netanyahu’s indictments and efforts to use the Knesset to avoid prosecution harm Israeli democracy. “You have to fight nasty with nasty,” Fink says.

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