Gil Hoffman interviews former deputy minister, Knesset Member and ambassador to the United States Michael Oren, author of two books on the US-Israel relationship, Ally and Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present.

Gil and Michael speak about the similarities between US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a time when Oren says Israeli society is stronger than America’s but the US has stronger institutions than the Jewish state.

They also address the increasing anti-Semitism in the US and what should be done about it by America, US Jews and Israel.

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Gil Hoffman and Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu’s former spokesman Shai Bazak talk about Netanyahu’s run for the Likud leadership and whether he’s in the midst of his last election. Bazak who worked as Netanyahu’s spokesman at the start of his political career, takes listeners back to the days of Netanyahu as a young politician with a young family and reflects about why Netanyahu still remains in politics at age 70.

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Gil Hoffman reports from Likud challenger Gideon Sa’ar’s rally Monday night in the Tel Aviv suburb Or Yehuda. He interviews Likud MKs Sharren Haskel and Michal Shir and former MK Yehudah Glick, who support Sa’ar, as well as Tel Aviv University political science Professor Emmanuel Navon. Listen to the sounds and feel the energy at the largest rally opposing Netanyahu inside his own Likud party in a generation.

Likud leadership candidate Gideon Sa’ar unveils his foreign policy in a speech to pro Israel members of parliament from around the world. He explains his vision of moral clarity that he said needs to be adopted on Islamic terrorism and the Palestinian issue. This week on Inside Israel Today, Gil Hoffman speaks at the event to Israel Allies Foundation president Josh Reinstein and South Carolina representative Alan D. Clemmons who spear headed an effort to get state legislators across America  to pass bills outlawing boycotts of Israel.

Gil Hoffman and Rabbi Stewart Weiss talk about miracles and Hanukkah and the challenge of forming a government in Israel. Rabbi Weiss says one of the messages of the Hanukkah story is that it is up to the Jewish people in Israel to end their internal fighting, in order to face the many external challenges plaguing the Jewish state. Gil says he believes with complete faith that a messiah will still come and prevent a third election, even though it currently looks detached from reality, and that the Jewish people never lose hope.

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Gil Hoffman and Jerusalem Post legal correspondent Yonah Jeremy Bob explain the legal and political quagmire that is preventing the formation of a government and could lead to a third election in under a year.

Bob explains Netanyahu’s cases and why the prime minister was charged with bribery. Gil goes through the possible options for avoiding a third election.

Back from his North American speaking tour, Gil Hoffman explains why he does not believe Israel will be initiating an election for the third time in under a year. He reveals why he still thinks there is a chance for a unity government or a right-wing coalition to be formed by the December 11 deadline or a minority government backed by Arab legislators by Wednesday night’s deadline. He goes into the different loopholes that remain that can help prevent another election.

Looking back on his tour around America and Canada, Gil explains why the people he met gave him hope for the future of the US-Israel relationship.

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After enjoying Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah, it’s time to get back to work. Gil Hoffman looks back at what’s been happening when you have been fasting and feasting and forward at what can happen next in the political mess. Why after all these festive days, could the next holiday that gets embroiled in politics be Purim?

Gil Hoffman explains why he believes that the coalition negotiations on forming a national unity government that started on Tuesday are only the start of a very long road until Israel will finally have a new government in three months. He takes listeners behind the scenes in two meetings of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party. He then explains why the Likud might actually be better off without Netanyahu at the helm.

Gil Hoffman explains why he is Israel’s happiest person as Israelis go to the polls for a second time in 5 months in a celebration of Israeli democracy. He gives listeners an insider’s look at what lies ahead after the election and even reveals how it might be possible for the next government to last until November 2024. Hoffman than contrasts two very different articles written about him in the Electronic Intifada and Breaking Israel News websites and declares one of them the real winner on Election Day.

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