Gil Hoffman visits Kedumim Honey in Samaria, which brought pride to Israel when it won first prize at the Black Jar Honey contest in North Carolina in the category of Best Tasting International Floral Honey.
Vandals broke in to the community two weeks ago, stole honey and equipment and killed thousands of honey bees. Kedumim Honey owner Yael Farbstein tells The Land of Israel Network how she intends to rebuild her business, overcome the vandalism, and emerge victorious again in the land of milk and honey.

Gil Hoffman talks about returning to the radio on The Land of Israel Network after a long hiatus, his joy over being a new father, and about a member of his family who made Israel proud and suffered a devastating setback. He then gets down to business, talking about the fate of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amid criminal investigations that could end his political career. He answers the big question of what happens politically in the post-Netanyahu era. The show concludes with advice about how listeners in the Jewish state and around the world can be more involved in the exciting world of Israeli politics.

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