When Jamie Geller ‘networks’ it has more than one meaning. The CEO of the popular Kosher Network International Media Company speaks with Eve Harow about becoming Torah observant, food, the need to rebrand Judaism, food, the power of social media, food and her new role for Aish Global as Chief Media and Marketing Officer. Their 10 year plan? Reach 3 million unaffiliated Jews and excite them about their heritage. A treasure they may not even know is there for the taking. If anyone can pull it off it’s this dynamic, Israel-based mother of 6 who just plays a chef on TV.

Bat Galim Shaer’s son Gil’ad was murdered by terrorists in June, 2014 along with Naftali Frankel and Eyal Yifrach hy”d. On the occasion of what would have been his 23rd birthday, she and her husband Ophir launched a website to connect Jews in Israel with those in the Diaspora via their common Hebrew birthdays (www.mazaltov.world). She tells Eve Harow how much Gil’ad loved commemorating birthdays for others and how along with other Unity initiatives done over the years, they have chosen to memorialize him by bringing people together and building bridges around the world.
“Expecting My Child” is her book about working thru the grief and finding meaning despite the pain.
With whom do you share a Hebrew birthday ?

Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopes-Cardozo, the outstandingly unique thinker and equally controversial Jewish philosopher, joins Eve Harow to speak of his ideas to reinvigorate Judaism in the era of modern, sovereign Israel. Why has the Torah world stagnated and lost its spiritual component, with devastating consequences? Does Judaism have answers for situations outside the ‘religious’ sphere? How can we educate to question and contemplate without fear? Human beings seek meaning; perhaps the corona pandemic has given us all the opportunity, time and desire to discover why we exist.
And find God within the music of His creation.

Serial entrepreneur Howard Jonas has republished his book ‘I’m Not the Boss, I Just Work Here’ detailing with painful honesty his bouts with clinical depression. Founder of IDT telecommunications corporation, he has had major financial ups and downs but, as he tells Eve Harow, faith, adherence to an observant Jewish life and a devoted family have gotten him through the difficulties.
And as we say goodbye to 2020: If you want to help keep the communities of Judea and Samaria on the map please consider joining One Israel Fund’s donation drive today.
Because I *don’t* just work here- I live here in the heartland; join me in making a difference. Be well!

Dr. Karen Guth is a veteran high school English teacher in a situation that educators have not been trained for- the Covid-19 era of combo teaching and distancing. She speaks with Eve Harow on the efforts and learning curve to keep it interesting with all the uncertainty and frustration on both sides of the desk. Her book ‘Bubie’s in Bidud’ (Grandma is in Isolation’) is a very personal response to her own grandchildren living a more sheltered lifestyle (by choice) and her staying connected and relevant in their lives.
Challenging times in so many spheres.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Esther Horgan hy”d. May the evil that took her life be eradicated as any virus must be taken out. And soon.

Swedish journalist Annika Hernroth-Rothstein’s book ‘Exile: Portraits of the Jewish Diaspora’ is a literary labor of love for her people. Visiting Iran, Djerba, Palermo and Venezuela (where she almost lost her life) and other off the beaten path communities, she gives us a masterpiece of ongoing dedication to faith, tradition and hope despite difficulties and even persecution. Annika speaks with Eve Harow about own Jewish journey, the joy of sharing the stories of the people she meets, and what Israel means to her, especially as we celebrate Chanuka. It took a self described “justice warrior” to search for truth where many fear to tread ; we are all enriched by what she discovered on the way.

Caroline Glick reports it as she sees it.
The award winning journalist, author, political analyst and policy advisor joined Eve Harow for a discussion regarding the US-Israel relationship as we move into 2021. How will a (likely) Biden-Democratic administration affect the Mid East? Why is bringing Sudan into the US sphere so important for the region? Is Jewish education critical to identity? Caroline never fails to provoke thought and debate and this One Israel Fund webinar was no exception.
Chanuka sameach from the heart of Judea.

Eve Harow and her stream of thought about the week that was; two Covid-19 swabs, a nuclear scientist wiped off the planet, cleansing rain at the Dead Sea and the long awaited scrubbing of an antiquated law on land rights in Judea and Samaria. Eve won’t be eating spongy donuts in DC next week but she enjoyed the Shilo wine that washed down lamb at a real dinner set up for a virtual one. And did you know that the Hashmonaim made ritual baths a centerpiece of their ethnic drive to purify Judea of paganism?
All that in 23 minutes. Be well, everyone.

Archaeologist Dr. Norma Franklin speaks with Eve Harow about the capital of the Omride dynasty of the Israelite kingdom, Shomron, known as Sebastiya from the time of King Herod. This incredibly important ancient site has been all but abandoned by the authorities and even turned into a ‘Palestinian Heritage’ site with Belgian funding. Midreshet HaShomron is now organizing weekly trips to the area to familiarize Israelis (for now) with the antiquities and the historical, Biblical, economic and strategic importance of the Tel. Dr. Franklin discusses some of the finds, the research over the past century, the Christian connection and the challenges in maintaining the balance needed to keep the irreplaceable remains safe for future digs.

Pictured: Dr. Norma Franklin in what she believe is the 9th century BCE burial cave of King Omri.

The various visual artists in Judea and Samaria currently have no central space to show their work, meet with art lovers, hone their craft and sell their creations. Ophra Shoshtari is determined to change that. This young and dynamic Art Management Specialist speaks with Eve Harow on her vision for a gallery that showcases the tremendous talents of the residents of the Biblical hills and vales, many inspired by their unique environment infused with so much passion and past history. Her professional advice and guidance will put this area on the map in a whole new way in the very near future. Sign up and stay, well, in the picture.

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