First: The richness of Israel is revealed in a massive expo that shows off what’s new in Israel tourism. Join Yishai as he speaks with people who are making all kinds of adventures happen – including tourism revolution in Judea and Samaria.

Then, before there was a Temple, there was a Tabernacle, and the Tabernacle has a blueprint – and in this week’s Torah portion Terumah! Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Yishai Fleisher to talk about the secrets of the fiery Menorah, the Temple within each one of us, as well as the new month of Adar!

On The Yishai Fleisher Show: Frist, Yishai speaks with Ryan of the Native American Métis people and his friends, Cara and Michele, all three of whom are narrative warriors for Israel.

Then, on Spiritual Cafe with Rabbi Mike Feuer: Amalakites can turn themselves into animals through witchcraft and that, surprisingly, has a big impact today.

Also, the heroism of Hadar Cohen, a border police officer who died after killing a terrorist.

Finally, Rabbi Ari Abramowitz joins Yishai to discuss the light of Temple in a dark world of terror and the blessings of the The Land of Israel.

First, former Knesset Member Rabbi Dov Lipman is now the Director of Public Diplomacy in the office of the Vice Chairman of the WZO. Dov recently went to Sweden to confront a nation whose Foreign Minister accused Israel of extra-judicial killing. But is there any point to engaging anti-semites?

Then, why does a stranger, Jethro, need to give advice to Moses – the greatest human who ever lived?

And, should Jews recoil at the idea of being special – are we better then everyone else? Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Yishai Fleisher in Beit Midrash Sulam Yaakov to discuss the secrets of the Torah which, in turn, shed light on today’s events.

First, Yishai brings you the hot buzz about Israel with an audio roundup that included Pat Condell on Trump, Congresswoman Ileana Ros Lehtinen on the Jews historical connection to Israel, and Pastor Victor Styrsky on past Christian mistakes towards Jews and their future relationship with Israel.

Then, on Spiritual Cafe: the Jewish slaves get their life back and are given a set of commandments, [like the baking of Matzah], so that they can both become action oriented and forever remember the day they left Egypt for generations.

How does that pertain to us today?

Get ready for the EXODUS and another spiritual-intellectual ride with Rabbi Mike Feuer and Yishai Fleisher.

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