The days following Tisha b’Av have always presented themselves as being some of the most challenging days of the year. There is always something new in the air, but it’s quite hard and difficult to put a finger on it.

The relief of being done with the mourning while shifting the focus onto the more exciting part of the summer is always nice. But on the other hand, there is a voice deep down inside of us that refuses to be ignored…

As soon as I sense that Tisha B’Av is about to appear, two conflicting voices appear in my mind. Should I be be in mourning over something I have a difficult time to connect to, or is Tisha B’av about so much more than the destruction of a building?

In this weeks show, Rabbi Shlomo Katz shares life changing inspiration which can reframe the way we see the fundamental challenges in our lives.

In this weeks powerful program Rabbi Shlomo Katz explains why Kosher fish swim upstream and what each and every one of us can learn to maintain a sense of refreshed newness in our lives.

Photo Credit: Roman Boed from The Netherlands – Black Forest: Stream, CC BY 2.0,

In this special show, Rabbi Shlomo Katz shares the moving story of a mother of Israel who was able to make light from the pain and darkness of losing her sons in battle and how we can all take the pain and heartbreak of our lives and elevate it to joy and inspiration.

In this weeks program, Rabbi Shlomo Katz uplifts and infuse us with an inspirational musical teaching of the Rebbe Reb Elimelech of Lizhensk.

In this weeks program, Rabbi Shlomo Katz shares a uniquely beautiful teaching brought down from the esteemed Ishbitzer Rebbe.

Today, on the fast of the 10th of Tevet, Rabbi Shlomo Katz shares the secrets as to why the eternal nation does not fear the long journey.

Rabbi Shlomo Katz speaks about Yocheved, the mother of Moshe Rabbeinu. The location of her conception and of her birth, and the destiny of future leadership.

Rabbis Shlomo Katz, Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz discuss the Torah portion of the week and secrets revealed by Josef’s brothers after they sold him into slavery.

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