Ruth Jaffe Lieberman the director of the Moskowitz Prize for Zionism joins Josh to discuss tonight’s annual awards ceremony recognizing those who have what it takes to ensure a strong, secure Jewish Homeland. Honorees this year include Caroline Glick, Yehuda Harel, and Rabbi Benny Elon. The Jerusalem event will be streaming live worldwide starting at 7PM Israel time tonight (Monday night 6/6). Also, Josh shares how he believes the future is bright for the Zionist enterprise in the Land of Israel, as he witnessed thousands of Jewish teens proudly marching yesterday in the annual Jerusalem Day Parade, wearing their love for Israel and the Jewish People on their sleeves.

Joining the anti-Israel BDS movement has become the fashionable trend in Europe and on college campuses in the US, but would you believe that a group of 20 Israeli academics are encouraging the BDSers to act against their very own institutions? Sad but true. Also Hamas continues to divert construction materials delivered by Israel towards their weapons arsenal. Isn’t it time to stop supplying Gaza with truckloads of equipment? Finally despite the anti-Israel hate, Sir Elton John rocks it out with 40,000 fans in Tel-Aviv. Take that BDS!

Prime Minster Netanyahu is putting the finishing touches on an agreement which would bring MK Avigdor Liberman’s Yisrael Beytenu Party into the governing coalition thus making Liberman Minister of Defense. While Netanyahu might gain coalition stability by the move, Jerusalem Post senior political correspondent Gil Hoffman tells Josh Hasten that since the maneuvering caused former Defense Minister Moshe “Boogie” Ya’alon to resign, the PM might have his work cut out for him in the future should Ya’alon challenge Netanyahu for the country’s top spot. Hoffman explains these complicated political realities as the Israeli Knesset begins its summer session.

On today’s show, Josh interviews Dan Diker Project Director of the Program to Counter BDS Political Warfare at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA). Diker is also a Fellow at the Institute of Counter-Terrorism, IDC Herzliya. Diker discusses the current Middle East realities 100 years after the signing of the Sykes-Picot agreement which essentially divided up the Middle East territory between the British and French without taking the realities on the ground into account. Ironically in this day and age, the same ignorant and stubborn mentality exists in the West, resulting in the failed Arab Spring, and an unrealistic Israeli/Arab peace initiative. A JCPA conference examining Sykes-Picot at 100 will be held in Jerusalem this Wednesday.

Just a few weeks after hosting a worldwide video contest showcasing how Israel serves as an inspiration to the world, Founder/CEO of 12 Tribe Films and Avi Abelow says that it is the “individual” who can create change by spreading the truth about Israel. While many worthwhile initiatives and campaigns are out there, Abelow is adamant that each and every person who has a passion for Israel can use the social media tools at his/her disposal to fight the vicious lies being perpetrated by BDS supporters and other Israel haters.

Yehudit Tayar has been a veteran spokesperson for the communities of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, for decades. She is also one of the founders of the community of Beit Horon outside of Modi’in. On top of all that, she is an emergency first-responder for Hatzalah Yehuda and Shomron on-call 24/7. Tayar joins Josh Hasten in her home community and shares her candid thoughts on saving lives during this current wave of Jihadist violence.

Rabbi Guy Avihod who runs Jerusalem’s Haboydem second-hand clothing stores providing transitional employment for those with mental disabilities, argues that the 10th of Nissan is actually the holiest part of the redemption. He says that on that date more than 3,000 years ago Joshua led the children of Israel into the Land. He explains that while we discuss the Exodus from Egypt on Passover, the story isn’t complete until the Jews return home to the Land of Israel.

Five years ago Israeli tour guide Kay Wilson and an American friend Kristine Luken were brutally attacked by Jihadists in a forest outside of Jerusalem. Luken was murdered while Wilson survived by playing dead after sustaining major injuries. While till this day just breathing causes Wilson pain, she nevertheless is using her words to unveil the truth about PA terror, and trying to prevent the next attack. Wilson recently addressed the United Nations Human Rights Council and is taking foreign governments to task for either willingly or unwittingly funding PA terrorists. Don’t miss this interview with a woman who has dedicated her life to seeking justice while creating a better future for Israel.

On Sunday knife terror stuck Rosh Ha’ayin with another attempt thwarted at the Tapuach Junction. In both cases the respective Jihadist was arrested without a shot fired. Will Israeli security personnel be afraid to fire their weapons even when necessary following the Hebron incident in which a soldier was arrested on charges of being trigger happy? While Jihadist attacks continue at home and abroad, those events seem to be on the back pages while the media still puts the IDF soldier on page one. Will Israeli citizens pay the price because of the negative hype? Josh discusses all these issues on today’s show.

On today’s “Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten” Jerusalem Post Senior Contributing Editor and renowned author Caroline Glick says that while US President Barak Obama only has under 10 months left in office, his policies towards Israel still have the potential to do damage. Glick also discusses the current wave of Jihadist violence offering her advice on what Israel needs to do to quell it. Glick opens the interview discussing the latest from Hebron where an IDF soldier faces charges after killing an injured terrorist he felt was still a threat.

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