SciFi is HERE. 4 story Robots, fashion technology, bionics, music, drones and 3D printers making Passover chocolate- yes, all this and much, much more at the first Israeli Geek PicNic, a 3 Day Happening of Hi-tech and Science at Jerusalem’s Sacher Park during Passover. Philly born Carmi Wurtman’s 2BVibe Production Company is bringing the Israeli version in from Mother Russia. He joins Eve to share the challenges and excitement of making the unbelievable into the very tangible . Eve then chats with chemist Dr. Mom (aka Yael Schuster), a founder of the KnowItAlls -a program to inspire girls to pursue math and science- who will be part of the festival, as will Intel and many others. Why this Passover is different.
Israel: We’ve got it all, a holy and humbling history, a phenomenal present and fantastic future.

Can Israel win the media war being waged against her? Non Profit professional Fern Baker is the incoming Vice President of Development of the Haym Salomon Center, a news and public policy group focusing on getting the true facts out about the Middle East. Why is she so highly regarded in the world of journalists and analysts of Israel and anti-Semitism? She talks with Eve Harow on the latest ‘Rejuvenation’.

Journalist Jonathan Spyer shares with Eve Harow his professional analysis of current Mid East conflicts, specifically regarding the area formerly known as Syria. Marked by ruthlessness, an absolute unwillingness to countenance the ‘other’ and intra Muslim hatreds, this maelstrom isn’t ending soon. The West can learn from Israel how to ensure security, defeat threats and thrive while “not wasting blood and treasure”. Why? Because it’s now out of the regional box and low level insurgency is already in Europe and North America. Brilliant analyst, chilling conclusions. Listen and learn.

Eve was cooking at AIPAC last week; listen the to the Melting Pot of Voices: Artists4Israel- Craig Dershowitz is coloring Israel out of the BDS box and Sydney Pensky is developing and distributing ‘Healing Arts Kits’ for preventing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder thru Artists4Israel. Malcolm Hoenlein, Head of Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations speaks to Eve about strengthening the America-Israel relationship in a world of intensity and complexity moving at warp speed. Eve ventured outside to the ‘Free Palestine’ demo. With the chilling background of voices of hate she spoke with gutsy Ben Packer and Jootube’s Scott Jacobs. Then the Donald Trump show-protestors before and after his speech decide on his wickedness, and the man himself. Can he be believed? Lastly, the little known Republican contender John Kasich. “I will not take the low road to the highest office in the land.” Sounds good but he doesn’t have a chance in hell. Which if some people have their way is exactly where America is headed. We all need to act. Now!

Eve reports from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference in Washington DC where she interviewed 2 incredible women who are making a difference.  Farhana Rahman is a proud Muslim Zionist. Is she the start of a Brave Wave?

And Jewish powerhouse Lori Palatnik of Momentum: the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project is focused on connecting women to Israel and the world via their hearts and minds.  Their families follow.  So can you.

Eve Harow speaks with photographer Rebecca Kowalsky about her project to capture every day Israeli life.  How much does the person behind the lens affect the outcome of the picture?

Migdal was a Second Temple Jewish community, as evidenced by the rare menora carving found there in the sole Galilean first century synagogue discovered to date. Catholic Jennifer Ristine of the area’s Magdalene Project joins Eve Harow in studio for a very frank discussion on Jewish-Christian dialogue, religious women’s traditional roles and the upcoming Conference for International Women’s Day.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]US Army Reservist Tewfik Boulenouar was looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Baghdad in 2003. What he and the MET-Alpha task force found instead was evidence of the mass destruction of Iraq’s 2700-year-old Jewish community. He shares his life-changing experience in a raw interview with Eve Harow, The sacred and profane met in the basement of Saddam Hussein’s Mukhabarat.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

At 55, host Eve Harow is finally getting focused. As her son finishes basic training in the army her personal and professional lives converge and conflict. How much can a mother’s heart and head handle?

Bible Educator Sara Jo Ben Tzvi is also the editor of the popular Jewish history publication Segula MagazineShe and Eve Harow discuss being members of the Purple People.

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