The Israeli Lion King roars.  Jerusalem City Council member and Israel Land Fund’s director Arieh (‘Lion’ in Hebrew) King is a man with a mission:  To find the descendants of Jews who bought land in Jerusalem and its environs in the 19th and 20th century and reunite them with their inheritance.  The Arab squatters on the land?  Well, theft is theft and they’ll have to go. One rule for all.   He explains to Eve the reasons for so much confusion- including the Holocaust and World Wars; Ottoman, British, Jordanian and Israeli conflicting legal property definitions (just to name a few)- but there’s an absolute urgency to following every lead in this paper trail.  Any of you listening may really own property in the Holy City.   Contact him at their Facebook page or to discover if your ancestors left you a gift of tremendous value in all measures.  Happy Pesach to all- this year and next year in a rebuilt Jerusalem!

A Canadian Jewish man, American Muslim woman and Judean Settler leader walk into a bar…..
Well, no, (or maybe….) but they definitely did all sit and speak with Eve at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington DC last week. Listen in as she gets beyond the PC headlines to hear people who are doing their all to better the pro-Israel community in whatever way they can. Are you?

Eve is at AIPAC’s Policy Conference in Washington on D.C. after a wild week speaking to different audiences in Charlotte, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; Chicago, St.Louis and Paramus.  She didn’t sleep in the same place two nights running and no grass grew on her tarmac, but it was eye opening and reinvigorated her passion for educating whomever she can on the issues affecting Israel and the West.  Ignorance is not going to solve anything and ‘safe places’, both physical and mental, are an illusion.  What will it take to wake everyone up?

Eve chats with publisher and journalist Dale Debber in Sacramento, where she began her speaking tour last week. They touch on the educational system in the US; his family’s personal journey to Judaism via the Jesuits; the trip to Israel that changed their lives and his son’s decision to join the IDF and convert. It’s never too late to find Hashem. Grab a cup of coffee and listen in to all that and more.

Happy Purim, the joyous holiday of hidden faces, messages and miracles via open fun, charity and lots of food and drink.  It’s accompanied by reading the  Book of Esther, a story of Judeans surviving a hostile Persian empire.  Hmmm.
Also, pre-history Professor Gonen Sharon discovered rock art under a Galilean dolmen field. He shares his ideas on the 4000 year old etching with Eve.   Purim sameach everyone from our Old New Judea!

While tour guiding in the Southern Negev, Eve was on the ‘Salad Trail’ and met Uri Alon on his educational food farm in Moshav Talmei Yosef.   An Israeli Navy vet, Hebrew University graduate and expert in agricultural pest control, Uri and his wife are now teaching Israelis and tourists of all varieties about vegetables, fruits and herbs.  Pop into your mouth many types of (Israeli invention) cherry tomatoes, strawberries grown in Sri Lankan coconut shells 6 feet off the ground, carrots in a rainbow of colors, smokin’ hot peppers and edible flowers; just some of the tastes, smells and textures that one meets in this corner of the country where the desert now blooms.  The challenges of growing healthy foods are many and Israel is a world leader in seed development and export.  Sending off homing pigeons – a la Uri’s family’s pre-state history- and culinary competitions are just some of the activities that await, making food fun for for all ages.   You say tomato, we eat tomatoes.  Many.   Visit his website:

Yuvi Tashome’s epic journey walking from Sudan to Israel in the ’80’s was just the opening course of this extraordinary woman’s life, which she shares with Eve in this mid-cooking class interview.   Her “Friends by Nature” is an organization nurturing the contribution that Ethiopian Jewish women are now serving in Israel via healthy, traditional African food, superfoods and herbs.
Our ‘Ingathering of the Exiles’ means absorbing new immigrants; digesting different cultures; giving us food for thought and ultimately sustenance from many sources, although some tastes take longer to acquire and need to be chewed over. Israel is not so much a melting pot as a blended multicultural society, balancing a colorful palette of distinctiveness while developing a unique Israeli flavor and palate.
Blessings over food and for food is how we feel the Love.

Way before “Fake News” was trendy, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America was zooming in on the press to ensure that they were focused on the black and white truth about Israel and her neighbors.  The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CNN and many others who shoot wide and fuzzy, blur opinion and fact and keep people in the dark have had to clarify their stories due to the devotion and dedication of this organization.  Eve Harow speaks with Board members Richard Becker, Dr. Alan Altman, lead researcher Dr. Alex Safian and founder Andrea Levin as they tour Gush Etzion with her to see for themselves, in living color, what the new developments are on the ground.  The free press is not free to lie.

An American-born expert on Western literature, Esther Cameron is now an Israeli poet, writing in English and Hebrew and even translating from Yiddish.  Inspired by- among others- the great Hebrew prophets, Rabbi Kook, Holocaust survivor Paul Celan and 20th century songwriter Naomi Shemer, she uses poetry to express love of her chosen people and land in an increasingly hostile world.    The eternal truth of faith is battling the ephemeral idea of relativism and she’s waging her war with words.   Esther also provides a platform for other talented poets as editor of the on-line magazine The Deronda Review.   Eve is once again privileged to interview a hidden gem among the treasures gathering in the Land of Israel.

Eve talks with Dr. Elana Heideman of The Israel Forever Foundation about our triumphs and our tragedies and how to balance them in the narrative.  How does an expert in the Holocaust come to head an organization devoted to positive stories on Israel and Jewish identity?  It’s increasingly difficult for some Diaspora Jews to connect with Israel in an era where Israel impacts the world in so many positive ways.   We must work ever harder to stay relevant to our co-religonists,  which seems counter-intuitive even while taking politics into account.  Why is there a tendency to focus on the negative spin and what does that portend for the future?

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