Award winning journalist and author Matti Friedman joins Eve to discuss his new release, ’Spies of No Country: Secret Lives at the Birth of Israel’. This fantastic book tells the true story of four Jewish young men from the Arab world who play a risk laden, integral role in establishing Israel via a nascent organization that eventually becomes the legendary Mossad. The idea of Israel as a haven for mainly European Jewry gets wiped out with the Holocaust; instead it becomes home to ‘Mizrachi’ Jewish refugees whose continuous discrimination by -but ultimate influence on and integration with- ‘Ashkenazim’ is a huge part of what defines Israel today. The Jewish state’s current conservative tilt, emphasis on faith and family, melding of music and fabulous food is all part of a unique culture that can’t be understood outside a Mid East context. There’s no place like it, and this book pays homage to little known individuals whose willingness to live as Arab Muslims was an incalculable sacrifice that led to the birth of the state.

The traditional Biblical sheep graze once again in the Judean Hills. Eve interviews Jenna, the accidental shepherdess, who against all odds is raising the 4-6 horned (now ornamental) sheep who laugh and play in fields where a young King David once herded his family flock. It’s been a long, arduous, rocky road but they’re thriving and ready to be sheared. Blessings of the Spring Month of Nisan to the entire House of Israel.

Journalist Eric Rozenman joined Eve in Washington DC to discuss his recent book “ Jews Make the Best Demons: Palestine and the Jewish Question”. How are medieval blood libels manifesting themselves today, and does ׳the old UN resolution ‘Zionism is Racism’ fit with Satanic forces? A must read for those interested in a very well researched and documented book tracing how anti-Semitism morphs from generation to generation in order to stay ‘relevant’ for whomever at the time is looking for reasons to hate- and kill- the Chosen People.

Eve speaks with Yesha Foreign Envoy Oded Revivi as they both prepare for the America Israel Public Affairs Committee Annual Policy Conference in Washington DC. He will officially be appearing at the Conference; that’s a first for a representative of the Jewish communities of Yesha (acronym for Yehuda and Shomron/Judea and Samaria in Hebrew). Oded shares the long process of getting the invitation and his expectations of the panel. How frustrating that AIPAC attendees don’t get a real opportunity to hear facts and ask questions on one of the hottest topics around. Will it ever change?

Until it does we’ll again do our own thing. Eve and Yishai will be co-hosting a separate event celebrating the rejuvenation of life for the indigenous people in their Biblical homeland on Sunday night at the Museum of the Bible. Look for it on YouTube 8 PM Sunday March 24th.

Rabbi Anthony Manning focuses his talents and vast knowledge on improving young women’s Torah education, specifically in the area of Jewish thought. Are there halachic limits on how far women can go in Jewish public life?  Since Israel is a secular democracy, how much of a necessary Jewish component should be mandated and how does the rabbinate fit in?  He and Eve have a broad discussion including the great challenges for parents and all educators to communicate eternal wisdom to each generation in the medium that they understand. He’s coming to an English speaking community near you, take the opportunity to learn from a great teacher.

Do today’s schools successfully nurture our children’s innate curiosity? Continuing her quest for ideas to improve modern learning environments, Eve interviews Floridian Chana Billet. Along with her husband, Rabbi Avi, this mother of seven is devoted to teaching her kids the old fashioned way.
At home.

Technology now brings information everywhere, at a click of a finger. Are we heading for a time when the class is half full or will this be a passing fad? Listen to an articulate explanation of a trend that’s perhaps more widespread than we thought.

Eve speaks with Englishman Peter Baum, who has devoted decades to Israel advocacy. The nefarious influence of the BBC has ‘succeeded’ in creating an atmosphere of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism that was unimaginable a few years ago. The Republic of Ireland maintains its pro-Nazi ideology and even has pending legislation to criminalize using certain Israeli goods, and Corbyn may really be the next PM. Can a grassroots movement pull the former Empire back from the brink?

Archaeologist Dr. Na’ama Yahalom Mack is one of Israel’s experts on ancient metallurgy. She speaks at length with Eve on the Biblical world and the early monarchy via research on the Bronze and Iron Ages. But that’s not all – Tel Abel Bet Maacah in northern Israel was at the crossroads of many different nations and cultures; she is digging at the heart of this exciting site- which has never been excavated before. You’re really getting 2 shows in one and an incredible insight into the world of 3000 years ago.

Eve and Rabbi Francis Nataf discuss, among other things, his newest book, Redeeming Relevance on Leviticus/Vayikra.  What does it mean to be a nation of priests, and for priests to be joyful? Details are important as a means to the end- which is connecting to Hashem. Israel as a light unto the nations- a very big challenge which can be realized now that we’re home again.  There’s work to do  as individuals and collectively as the exiles in-gather and we each find our specialty, sometimes with a price to pay for leadership.

Mottle Wolf of Tekoa joins Eve to discuss last week’s brutal murder of his neighbor Ori Ansbacher hy”d. Can we stop this depravity? How do we react as individuals, as a society, as a nation, as Jews? As parents?

The debate over how much detail should be released to the media is not as simple one. We need to consider the victim and the family but also the reaction of the society that raises the perpetrators.
Deep grief and no end in sight.

Don’t let Ori’s light die out with her. At least that’s something we can control.

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