Danny Ayalon, Deputy Foreign Minister & Former Israeli Ambassador to the USA

“Appearing on Tuesday Night Live was very exciting and a lot of fun. Ari and Jeremy have the skills of great diplomats -and I should know – they make serious, impassioned points but with charm and humor. I would definitely join them again anytime! We constantly have to defend Israel against those who wrongly condemn us – either out of hatred or ignorance. I am pleased to think that Tuesday Night Live is broadcast around the world, sending out a positive, confident message from Israel.”

Caroline Glick, Deputy Managing Editor of The Jerusalem Post

“Tuesday Night Live is an energy-packed, Zionist extravaganza. Ari and Jeremy are a dynamic team. They are able to show all the excitement and thrill of life in Israel and of Judaism to the studio audience as well as to television viewers. It was a distinct pleasure appearing on their show. I wish them only success in their work because their success is Israel’s success.”

Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin, Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Founder of Ohr Torah Stone

“I had the pleasure of being the first guest to be invited to appear on Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem and it was a fantastic experience. Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel are dynamic, inspiring activists and spokesmen for Israel. With their out of the box thinking and unique approach to teaching Judaism and promoting Zionism, they represent a new generation of leadership in Israel and the Jewish world. Their formula of spirituality, insight and humor breaks through the barriers that divide left and right, secular and religious, Jewish and non-Jewish. We, the Jewish people, are fortunate to have men like them on the front lines of Israel advocacy, especially in the world we live in today.”

Lee Wunch, Executive Director, Houston Jewish Federation

The Jewish Federation of the Greater Houston Area co-sponsored Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem and it was a huge success for the local Jewish community and a success for the State of Israel. The night was filled with excitement, inspiration and entertainment as well as good values and valuable information about Israel. I would encourage every Jewish community to promote Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem in their area and encourage the involvement of any pro-Israel organization or institutions.

Rabbi Emanuel Quint, Vice President of the Orthodox Union in Israel.

There was a void in the life of observant and non observant Jews living in this country. Where could one find an evening devoted to live entertainment with good wholesome features, such as words of faith, inspiration to faith, humor, music, singing, and friendliness and outstanding guests? Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel have truly and completely filled this void. We and so many of our friends look forward to Tuesday night live knowing that it will be a worth while experience to be there when they perform. It is a breath of fresh air showing Israel in a positive light. May Hashem bless them and their entire staff to continue to so lift the spirits of our people in such a magnificent way.

Rebbitzen Esther Jungreis, Founder of Hineni Jewish Heritage Foundation

Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem offers a much needed breath of fresh air, and provides a balance to world media that is desperately needed. I had the pleasure of appearing on TNL and found it to be not only positive but also rewarding as the response the both the audience as well as the viewers was exhilarating and extraordinary.

Rabbi Lazer Brody, Rosh Hayeshiva Chut Shel Chesed- Ashdod

“With Hashem’s loving help, it has been both my privilege and pleasure to know and cooperate with two wonderful young men, Ari Abramowitz & Jeremy Gimpel. If Israel is the Land of Milk and Honey, Ari and Jeremy are the milk and honey. Their love of our beloved homeland, our people, and our Torah knows no bounds. It’s no less than awe-inspiring to see and hear how they represent our country and people, who suffer from malicious press both within and without. It’s a mitzva to help Ari and Jeremy any way you can. With blessings always.”

Michael Freund Founder and Chairman of Shavei Israel

Tuesday Night Live is an electrifying evening of good ol’ fashioned Zionism and Jewish pride. At a time when Israel is constantly under the glare of the media, Ari and Jeremy provide us with a potent and uplifting reminder of what makes this nation so remarkable. TNL is about faith and fortitude, but also about fun, and it is an experience that should not be missed.

Rabbi Yom Tov Glazer, Aish HaTorah, Aish.com

Tuesday Night Live with Ari Abramdowitz & Jeremy Gimpel, is the ultimate medium of expressing true Judaism in its most ideal form to both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences throughout the world. Judaism is probably the least understood concept that exists today and Ari, Jeremy, and their faithful staff have their finger on the pulse, and they have the experience and ability to portray Judaism with excitement and accuracy. The blessing is more “Jewish literacy,” which brings Jews closer to embracing their birthright as Jews and also ultimately will cause a gentile to rethink his or her relationship to the holy nation.It’s quite a tight rope that these heroes walk in getting this essential job done and anyone who has the wherewithal to enable them to further this holy work, automatically becomes one with the fruits of this great endeavor both in this world and the next.

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