Back from becoming a father, Ari Abramowitz joins Jeremy Gimpel to discuss the harrowing birth of his beloved daughter and reveals her unique name. As the world is increasingly ravaged by the coronavirus, the Arugot Farms acquires an albino camel and Ari and Jeremy discuss Trump’s, Deal of the Century. Then an interview with Yehuda HaKohen of the Vision slate in the Wold Zionist Congress.

The present is always built on the ruins of the past, the only real question is – how do we integrate this reality into our identity? This episode looks at the beginnings of a shift in Israeli identity in the early 60s, together with the emergence of a new national consciousness among the Arabs in Israel and abroad.

As Purim approaches, Rabbi Yishai Fleisher is joined by Rav Mike Feuer to talk about the latest chaotic Israeli elections, the politics of the Persian court in Ester’s time, and the commandment to remember to forget Amalek. Then, Malkah Fleisher on Coronavirus gone viral and we read your emails!