Jerusalem based Jonathan Spyer, Eve’s favorite on the ground Mid East analyst, shares his insights in the UK on the constantly changing landscape and the players in the very real and dangerous game of Risk being played out in the area. What will the US pullout from Syria do to the Kurds? Which weak links will get wiped off the board? Saudis, Iranians, Iraqis, ISIS, Israel, Russia, Jordan and Turkey. One wrong move and blood doesn’t spill, it pours. Listen and then continue to follow him if you don’t already.

While at Limmud UK Eve Harow had the chance to see a live performance by Bat El Bornstein, the enormously talented little lady of the Israeli stage. They speak about challenges, faith and acceptance of who you are as a blessing. This woman׳s heart and soul are almost too big for her tiny frame. Her TED Talk “Bigger is Better” has over 2 million views.