The twelfth century was a time of spiritual expansion as the Tosafists transformed the Talmud and the Pietists of Ashkenaz awakened new depths of the soul. Darkness grew as well, as the Crusades rolled through Europe and the terrible new accusation of the blood libel was born. But it was specifically out of this darkness that the depths emerged.

What does Jubilee even mean? It means ‘lamb horn’ which is blown to signify the freedom of the land on the 50th year. Rabbi Mike Feuer and Rabbi Yishai Fleisher discuss the auspicious confluence of the Torah portion which teaches about the Jubilee year and 50 years since the reunification of Jerusalem. Plus: Yishai has a new (old) flag for you!

This Sunday, May 21st, on the 50th anniversary of the Liberation of Judea & Samaria, Ari & Jeremy will be inaugurating the Land of Israel International Headquarters in Judea with an epic celebration of Biblical Proportions.

Tune in to hear behind the scenes what will be going down and spiritual significance of the Jewish return to Biblical Israel exactly 50 years ago!