The national existence of the Jewish people revolves around the question – what is an Am. In this special Independence Day episode, Rav Mike takes a look at the history and theology behind Jewish national embodiment.

As Israel remembers the 23,544 soldiers who fell defending the State of Israel, as well as the 4,128 victims of terror, Josh speaks with terror survivor Kay Wilson. Seven years ago a severely wounded Wilson made it out of a forest along the Israel Trail alive following a gruesome attack in which her friend was brutally murdered in front of her eyes by Muslim terrorists. Wilson’s response was to become an educator combating anti-Israel hate, antisemitism, and BDS. She joins the show as a meaningful symbol of survival and resilience on this most difficult of days on the Jewish calendar.

Rabbis Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel share an insiders experience of the most intense time of the Hebrew Year. Tune in to hear the roller-coaster of emotions that take Israelis from the graves of their loved ones to celebrating the happiest national celebration, when Israel won her independence again!