The ashes of Israel are still smoldering after the war of fire unleashed on our small nation last week.  For over a hundred years, the Jewish people have been planting trees and making the desolate wastelands which were once Israel blossom like a rose.  In just a few days over 32,000 acres of forest burned to the ground, hundreds of homes destroyed, thousands of people have been removed from their homes, and a nation has been traumatized.   What should Israel do to stop this from happening again?  Are attacks like this in store for America and the rest of the world?  Are they already happening now?

 How a bowl of soup changed history? When Jacob feeds his brother Esau he takes the birthright in return, and thus begins an epic battle of enmity between brothers. Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai Fleisher for Spiritual Cafe to discuss this tension and the mysterious character of Issac who in his blindness see’s so much.

Then Malkah Fleisher joins Yishai to discuss the arson terrorist fires which struck Israel. Will Israel fight fire with fire?