In this third installment of the season premier of “Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem,” Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel treated the Jerusalem audience and viewers around the world to an inspiring encounter with the renowned Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo.
As the founder of the David Cardozo Academy in Jerusalem, Rabbi Cardozo has dedicated his life to reclaiming the study hall of Avraham Avinu and re-engaging the Jewish People around the world with a new approach to Jewish values and the Jewish mission. Rabbi Cardozo offers a fresh and exciting perspective on how the Nation of Israel should contend with Iran, Hamas, Hizbullah and the rest of the impressively long list of those who seek our destruction.
Also on this week’s show: Yishai Fleisher, Director of, speaks about the Jewish Nation and the Middle East crisis, and Yoni Kempinski meets John Nelson, lead singer of “Semantra” – the season premier’s musical guest. Watch this episode for an entertaining, articulate and eloquently conveyed message of elucidation and inspiration.

10th generation Jerusalemite Tamar Hayardeni is an educator, guide, researcher on Jerusalem and author of children’s books. Listen in as she and Eve Harow discuss a Jerusalem undivided, the joys of motherhood, the evil of terrorism -including in her own family, dusty archives, the 6 Day War, Middle Eastern culture, family values….when one describes a wide ranging interview this could be it. The 30 year British Mandate period is a classic example of the road to hell being paved with good intentions. Can Arabs and Jews coexist in the City of Peace?