Season Finale: Rabbi Nachman Kahane about the future State of Israel. Special feature: Summing up 21 episodes of TNL.

As the fierce war in Gaza is erupting – Jews from throughout Israel come together in this electrifying and unforgettable season premier to defend the brave warriors who are defending us.

Ari and Jeremy take to the streets of Tel Aviv to meet the Peace Now activists as they protest against the Jews of Hebron, from Tel Aviv they continue to Hebron to hear

Former Israeli Ambassador to the US, Danny Ayalon discusses a new approach to representing Israel. Also Yishai Fleisher, of Israel National Radio, joins to share his experience on AlJazeera. Tune in to hear the Jewish message to the world.

Ari and Jeremy speak with the Pollack family who was evacuated from the Peace House in Hevron and Hevron Spokesman David Wilder

Pre-Election Debate: NU leader Ketzaleh, NRP Leader Rabbi Prof. Hershkowitz and Likud Jewish Leadership Faction head Moshe Feiglin (Part 1 of 2); Special Musical Guest – “Remedy”

Pre-Election Debate: NU leader Ketzaleh, NRP Leader Rabbi Prof. Hershkowitz and Likud representative Moshe Feiglin (Part 2 of 2); Special Musical Guest – “Remedy”

Jeremy kicks off the Jerusalem conference while Ari jumps in front of a moving car! While many see Israel as a vassal state or puppet government, the Jewish people have been a light to the world, leading by example with character and vision. But what is Jewish leadership really all about? Hear what the Jews of Jerusalem have to say about Jewish Leadership. Listen to the incredible music of the Jerusalem rock band “Remedy”.

Ari and Jeremy discuss true heroism as they relate to the IDF soldiers and the IDF reservists. IsraelNN TV presents: features from days of war in Gaza

Ari and Jeremy discuss the importance of the Tomb of Joseph and present a powerful clip showing the recent ascents to the site.